Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015


Hello bats

 As you may noticed, I didn't update this blog regular, at the moment. Since a whole year, I just update this blog from time to time and everytime I want to write about something special, I just can't finish/upload the posts, because I'm not satisfied with it.

I started thinking about my blog.... I really love blogging, so I don't wanted to stop it, but at the moment, I'm just not satisfied with it!
I'm also thinking about to change the language of my blog. I started to write in english, because I got many international followers, but at the moment it seems, that only german people read and comment my blog, so I guess it would be no problem, if I start to write in german again... What do you guys think?

Should I go on with my crappy english skills, or should I write in german again?
Please leave a comment and tell me your opinion, because I'm really not sure. And if there are still some non-german followers, please leave a comment to tell me that you are still here.

Maybe I will also change the whole blog layout... I love bats, but at the moment I don't feel comfy with this kind of layout. I need something that shows more of myself, I guess. I will try to create a new one, but this will take some time, so don't be surprised if it's still here for a while. *ha ha*

Thanks for reading. (눈_눈) ♡


  1. I don't really bother if your blog is in German or English, since I'm one of the followers that is capable to speak, read and understand German.
    I think you should do what you are most comfortable with.
    I noticed that blogging actually improved my English skills but if you're insecure about it and feel more confident with German, you should change it up a bit.
    I'm always curious about new content or layouts of blogs I follow and how they evolve if I'm following them for a longer time already, so I can't wait to see more changes.
    Lastly, don't feel pressured to update. Sometimes one just can't find the time for it, so don't worry, take care of yourself because I'm sure you'll find more ideas and will be more satisfied with what you do, if you grand yourself some rest from time to time. :)

  2. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich lieber deutsche Blogs in deutsch lese. Ich verstehe natürlich gut Englisch, aber ich finde man sollte seine eigene Sprache kultivieren weil sie sehr schön ist! Wenn ich Blogs in vielen Sprachen (italenisch, spanisch, englisch, finnisch, koreanisch usw.) lese, dann finde ich das Tool eines Übersetzers ganz gut. Ansonsten macht es mir nichts aus, wenn ich es nicht sofort alleine durch den Text verstehe. Du könntest somit auch einfach das Tool einbauen und deine Leser aus aller Welt können es dann übersetzen.
    LG Zombie

    PS: Mein Daily Blog kommt wieder und zwar ab Herbst. Mein DiY Blog wird ab Herbst neu strukturiert und mein BJD Blog läuft ganz normal ^^

  3. Mir egal, welche Sprache du schreibst, hauptsache du schreibst <3 ich vermisse deine Einträge!

  4. Also, schreib einfach in der Sprache, die dir mehr liegt und mit der du dich wohler fühlst. ^^ Würde mich auch freuen, mal wieder mehr von dir hier zu lesen. :3