Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

[random] Extrablatt + some gets

Hey little bats~ 

Why it's so fuck'n cold atm???!!! *cries*I'm sitting here with a hot tea and my fingers are like icicles!

Anyway... I managed to do some kind of christmas-shopping with my best friend. We found some nice stuff, and also some decoration for our home. After that, we had a nice dinner at one of my favorite places - Extrablatt!

I had some fried grated potatoes with a little piece of chicken and mushroom-sauce, it was really good

my friend had a wrap filled with ham, salad, egg and bacon and some fries

It was nice to be there and just relax a bit. I really like this café, it's like another livingroom for me. *ha ha* I could go there every week again and again.... (bye bye money)

Yesterday I also visited the christmas market, for the first time this year. It was damn cold and windy, I really wished for some warmer clothes!!! I've bought nothing and also didn't managed to do some photos, but I think it will happend with one of my next times. *ha ha* I like christmas markets and the romantic atmosphere there. What about you? Do you like it? 

Also, I got the very first christmas gift, this year:

My friend Tina, sent me a little package with 'Innocent Bird' vol. 1-3, super-cute Hello Kitty tissues and a nice christmas-card. I was really surprised, but I'm also very happy. It's so cute from her... *loves*

Nya.. that's all for the moment. You see, my life is boring as always! *ha ha* But I try to post something, from time to time. I don't want to let my blog die, only because of stupid depressions or something!

Thanks for reading. (눈_눈) ♡


  1. Das Essen sieht voll lecker aus *////* ich liebe Extrablatt. Ich könnte da auch jeden Tag hingehen, wenn es nicht so teuer und überfüllt wäre.

  2. The food looks delicious. And I started to enjoy sitting in a café and doing my study work there lately... It seems like I can concentrate better there or at least feel a lot more studious than I do at home where all the sweet temptations wait for me (the Internets and my Nintendo and all the other great things ;A;)

    I personally LOVE the lights we get to hang up during Christmas time but I don't really like Christmas markets. They are usually too crowded and smelly and it's cold and everything is expensive... D:
    I usually end up going there at least once though and I enjoy it for the lights... so yeah.
    I prefer doing some simple window shopping under illuminated trees like I did at the Kudamm today a lot though... ;D

  3. hachja, weihnachtsmärkte <3 und ja es ist schweinekalt... ich hoff dafür bekommen wir auch mal schnee zu den feiertagen - ansonsten darfs ruhig wieder wärmer sein XD

  4. The food looks great *_* now I am hungry, haha~ I love to go out and go eating with my beloved ones. It's the best!

  5. The food you ate looks so yummy!!

  6. *Drool* I'm vegetarian but I'm imagining that as a veggie patty. Looooks sooooo gooood. I still need to really get started on some serious Christmas shopping!

  7. Lecker Essen! *_* Ich liebe es ja auch, irgendwie auswärts essen zu gehen. x3 Wenn das nur nicht immer so ins Geld gehen würde lol.
    Auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt bin ich eigentlich auch ganz gerne, aber meistens schrecken mich diese Menschenmassen ab. x_x Da muss man schon echt die richtige Uhrzeit abpassen, damit es überhaupt noch Spaß macht.