Montag, 17. Februar 2014

[music] Music of the week # 7

'Sustain the untruth' by DIR EN GREY. I just love this band and the song is also very interesting. I didn't listened many DIR EN GREY stuff at the past month, I don't know why. I still love them and they are still my favorite band, but at the moment I need some softer music. Maybe it's because of the dark winter month, that I just need 'colourful' music. 

'Heartful Song Covers - album sampler' by May J. You maybe know her as a host from J-melo, on NHK international. I really love her voice and can't wait for this wonderful album. I listened the sampler the whole week. I really have to buy it! 


'Hug' by SID. Don't aks me why I can not post the video here, it's really strange. Anyway... I really love this song at the past days. I never listened SID that much in the past, but at the moment, I really like their music and style.


P.S. I LOVE U by GACKT. Aaarrg I hate Blogger atm. It's GACKT's latest single and omg I love this song! The song is really beautiful and the PV is so damn sad, I cryed like a little baby as I watched it for the first times. *ha ha* I'm still waiting for my copy of it, but I will show it here if it's arrived. I ordered a special edition which was only sold at his own online-shop. I really can't wait for it!

I'm really not sure why I can't include the last two videos in this post but okay... I hope you will check out the links, because both songs are really nice. As you see, I listened more love songs over this week... and DIR EN GREY. *ha ha* I don't know why, but sometimes I just need soft music. I listen nearly all kinds of music. *he he* I hope you enjoyed and please tell me whyt was your playlist for the last week. 

bye bye 


  1. Oh I really love P.S I love you from Gackt <3 it's so beautiful

  2. Great post! I love Dir en grey so much! Kyo~ ❤

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  3. Erstmal find ich es cool das du diese 'music of the week'-Rubrik hast, wollt ich schon öfter schreiben aber ich war die letzte Zeit immer zu faul zu kommentieren. :'D
    Meine Playlist der Woche besteht aus Suzumebachi von BUCK-TICK, Chalk Outline von Three Days Grace, Mazohyst of Decadence von DEG, Dead Sea aus dem OST zum Anime Shiki und aus soziemlich allen Alben von D'espairsRay. :D