Montag, 10. Februar 2014

[music] Music of the week # 6

'Give a reason' by Megumi Hayashibara. It's the opening from 'Slayers Next' and my favorite opening of the Slayers-saga. Did you ever watched the anime? It's old but gold! I love it. *ha ha* I'm really into openings and endings from different anime, I could listen to them the whole day! *addicted* 

'???' by Ready Candy Camp. I didn't knew this group before and I still don't know the songs name, but I had to listen it again and again. The voices are really pretty and I like this kind of music while doing my daily stuff. *ha ha* It's the perfect backround for doing my make up, writing letters, cooking or something else. If someone know the name of this song, please comment below. 

'LOVE machine' by Morning Musume. This is the cover by the adorable group 'Goose House' and I totally LOVE their version! In my opinion it's much better than the original, but that's only my taste. *he he* I could listen this again and again!!! 

'Memeshikute' by Golden Bomber. Also a cover by amazing 'Goose House'. I just love their covers and this song sounds so cool by them! I'm not a huge fan of Golden Bomber, but this song is pretty cool and this version makes it awesome! 

'Wake me up' by Avici. A cover from 'LUNAFLY'. OMG! I like the original song a lot, but this version is so ASDFGHJK!!!!! I LOVE IT! *ha ha* I listened this the whole week. 

This is my music from the last week. I hope you enjoyed it and if you like, tell me which was your favorite music last week. I would really like to know it. 
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