Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

[random] ☆This was 2013☆

Hey guys (^-^) 

I know, I'm a little late but I had no time to write before, so here is my 2013! I hope you enjoy it.( ´∀`)☆

- remembered the best christmas since long a few days before
- beginning of the year 2013
- 17th birthday of my brother
- made the decision to visit connichi this year
- many new year resolutions
- started the first challenge for my blog and..... failed

- dyed my hair black again
- st. v-day with my best friend together
- enjoyed the snow at a night-walk with my best friends
- bought too many things at sale

- created a Tumblr blog
- best birthday since so many years
- watched 'Haensel and Gretel - witchhunter' at the cinema
- 14th birthday of my brother
- 10th birthday of my sister

- visited Duesseldorf after mor than a year and bought so many things and had such a great time
- tryed to do more shop-reviews for my blog
- joined a blog-parade for the first time
- enjoyed some cocktails after such a long time at the birthday of one of my best friends
- planning about hanami @ ludwigshafen

- Hanami 2013 - best convention since so long and damn happy about my huge plush and other stuff
- planning about the DIR EN GREY concert
- worried about Kyo's health
- birthdays of my best friends
- made the decision to change my ugly hair
- reached the 100 followers

- dyed my hair more blonde
- DIR EN GREY concert @ cologne with the best people ever and visited my beloved Dom
- after-concert depression
- start to read more again
- rainy summer started

- stayed more at home
- made my first YouTube video
- tryed to blog more often
- enjoyed the summer-rain

- felt really bad
- didn't went out many times
- visited a flea market for the first time since so many years
- hate the heath
- said 'good bye' to a good friend
- won a pink nemu neko from RUNE
- started my very first giveaway

- tryed to change my bad mood
- dyed my hair turquoise and fell in love with it
- Connichi 2013 - my first time after 8(!!!) years and had a wonderful time there
- felt a little better after many month of a sad mood

- saw HYDE, KAZ and beloved Ju-Ken for the first time at the VAMPS concert @ berlin
- met awesome people at the main-station, after the concert
- tiny Halloween party with my best friends
- didn't blog a lot because my bad mood came back

- filmed my first unpacking of the AWESOME GAKUCCHI
- more bad than good days
- stayed at home for weeks and felt really sick and sad

- started a spontaneous christmas giveaway
- had a nice st. nikolaus day with my best friend
- christmas-bakery with my mother and my little siblings
- started to feel a little better
- totally broke because of christmas-shopping
- worst 24th december since many years 
- visited my family for a nice little christmas-day on 26th december
- christmas-party with my best friends
- sylvester with the best of the best - best friends and best food = best party

This was my year 2013! (。◕‿◕。) As you see, I had nice times, but also very bad times. Anyway, I also have some wishes for the new year, but my biggest wish is just a better year than 2013! And I also wish you just the best for 2014! I hope you will rock this year and reach everything you want! ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ FIGHTING!!!

bye bye


  1. Happy new year :3

    Das sind tolle Bilder und deine Haare sehen immer so cool aus <3
    Ich wuensche dir ein super tolles Jahr 2014 mit ganz viel Spas :)

    Alles Liebe,

  2. Ohje :/ Das tut mir so leid dass es gegen Ende bei dir so mies lief... das hatte ich so badly 2012 >.<
    Es wird hoffentlich wesentlich besser für dich in 2014 <3

  3. Ich wünsch dir alles gute für das neue Jahr :)
    Mit mehr guten Momenten und weniger schlechter Stimmung ><

    und ein großesm Danke für alle deine Kommis ♥

  4. Hi du, dann wünsch ich dir auch schon mal: Einen guten Start ins neuen Jahr und noch mehr gute Momente in 2014. Das wird schon werden, lass den Kopf nicht hängen!

    Was mir an deinem Eintrag besonders gefällt ist, dass du immer Freunde an deiner Seite hast, mit denen du wirklich einige tolle Sachen machst und zu schönen Events fährst- das ist echt viel wert und wünsche dir, dass das immer so bleibt!

    Das Foto von der Hanami gefällt mir übrigends am besten: Das ist nicht nur wegen dem Hasen super süß <3

    Viele liebe Grüße,

  5. Dir auch noch ein frohes neues Jahr! ♥
    Ich wünsch dir, dass 2014 besser wird als letztes Jahr und dass alle deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen. :)

  6. Ich hoffe 2014 wird besser für dich :3
    Für mich war 2013 das beste Jahr bisher ~ auch wenn ich oft depri war.... aber naja... hoffen wir das 2014 für uns alle besser wird ♥

    Ich liebe deine Haare *o*

  7. Ist es echt schon so lange her, dass wir uns in Düsseldorf getroffen habenO_o? Wow...

  8. I hope you enjoy 2014 very much!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧ω≦)o .。.:*☆

  9. Happy new year!

    Lets hope next year is even better than this one.

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