Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

[music] Music of the week # 4

Nyaaaaaa (⇀‸↼‶)

This time I'm a little late with it, but I just had not the time to do this post before. SORRY! (=ω=;)
Anyway... here is my playlist of the last week: 

'Let it go' from Disneys 'Frozen'. This time I listened the multi-language version a lot. I don't know why, but I really love this version. My favorites are the Latin-american spanish and the Mandarin.

'3 2 1' by SHINee. I think I listened this 100x everyday, the last week. (。♥‿♥。) I just love this kind of 'party-sound' sometimes. I think we will see this song again next week. *ha ha* 

'Anniversary' by SID. I really love the song, but the PV is AWESOME!!! You should really take a look on it. So many amazing drawings and especially the hand-drawings are just incredible! Don't you think so?

'Vivid days' by Brand new vibe. I only found the short version on YouTube, but >>here<< you can watch the full PV. The song is pretty cool and I like the singers voice a lot. (。◕‿◕。)

 'Namidairo' by Kana Nishino. Also only the short version, but >>here<< you can watch the full PV. It's a very beautiful song, but the PV is a little bit sad. Anyway, I really love Kana Nishino's voice. 

'I can hear' by DISH//. *ha ha* I found them through Angi and totally fell in love with their music. It's a funny group and sometimes I just need such music. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

As you see, I listened a lot of japanese music this week. *ha ha* If I finally had my copy of Dir en grey's latest single, I would listen this one too, but I'm still waiting for mine. (╥_╥) So that's all for this week. I hope I can do the next 'Music of the week'-post in time again. *he he*

bye bye


  1. I really need to watch frozen >__<

  2. Oh du, mein göttlicher music supplier! xD <3 Hab schon sehnsüchtig auf diesen Post gewartet. xDD"
    Ah, ich kann nicht aufhören die multilingual version von "let it go" zu hören. ;A; So schön, ich weiß nur noch nicht, welche Sprachen ich davon am liebsten mag. Klingen alle so toll!
    Und hab ich schon gesagt, dass ich deinetwegen jetzt auch richtig richtig Lust habe, so einen music of the week Post zu machen. *~* Einen wird es bei mir auf jeden Fall auch noch geben. <3

  3. 'Anniversary' is a very good song! I also like the PV (^^)

  4. Ahhh Let it go von Frozen hat es mir auch angetan. ;) Ich freue mich schon total auf die japanische Filmversion!! Ich hab ja mit den ganzen neuen Disneyfilmen nichts am Hut, aber ich muss zugeben, Elsa hat es mir einfach angetan. XD Ich liebe sie. ♥

  5. Hab deinen Blog jetzt auch mal entdeckt. :)
    Und wie ich sehe, magst du auch Kana, das finde ich toll. *o*

    Würde mich freuen wenn du auch bei meinen Blog mal vorbeischauen würdest. X3