Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013

[random] Merry christmas my dears

MERRY CHRISTMAS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

 Did you got some nice gifts and spend some hours with your family and friends? My 'real' christmas will be the party on the 28th december with my dearest friends, but I tryed to spend today also a little special ...... and failed! (XD) 

In the morning I got a packge and as I tryed to open it, I cut my own hand so deep, that it is bleeding like hell. (T_T) It still fuck'n hurts so much and I'm not able to do something with my left hand now. It sucks!!! 
Later the family of my best friend came to us (one hour later as they said before!!!), but didn't stayed longer than 15 minutes because they had no time. No time to celebrate christmas with their own doughter????!!!! Thank FUCK YOU! (=____=)

The one and only good thing was the super-cute package I got from Svenja!!! She is really such a cutie and I love her so much! She send such an amazing package full of cute gifts to me and I could cry about this cuteness-overload! *dies* I will show you the whole package in one of my next posts, because I really HAVE TO share this awesomeness with you! 
Svenja... you really made my day! *hug* 

I really hope you guys had a better christmas eve and spend some nice time with your beloved ones. I wish you just the best and can't wait to read all your christmas-posts after the holydays! 

bye bye

Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

[giveaway] And the winner is....

Hey guys (^-^)

I'm sorry for the delay, but I had no time to draw the winner before.  I hope you don't mind and enjoy my video.


Congrats to the lucky winner. (^-^)

Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

[giveaway] Last day to enter!!!

Today is the last day to enter my christmas-surprise giveaway! If you want to join it, please follow the link and take your chance to get a little surprise box. 

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

[random] St. Nikolaus day

Hey little christmas-socks! (^-^) 

Last week was St. Nikolaus day. Even if I'm not a religious person, I got a cute little gift from my best friend. It's also the first year in which I have a little christmas-decaration. I like christmas, but why I never had such before? (XD)
Anyway. At the evening, the sky lookes really pink over Heidelberg. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, my camera wasn't able to catch the colours like they looked for real. But I just had to make a photo for you.

 White Toblerone, white Ferrero Küsschen and the DVD of 'Kirschblüten - Hanami'. (*Q*)

I love the colour.

Pink sky over Heidelberg.

Don't forget my little giveaway. End-date is the 18th december. (^-^)

Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

[music] Music of the week # 1

Hey guys (^-^) 

I saw such a thing on Angi's blog and totally fell in love with the idea. Every week she make a post about her favorite music of the week. I think this is a very cool idea and I want to do something like this, too. 
I don't know if you are interested in such things, so it would be nice if you tell me what do you think about it. (^-^)

Goose House cover from Taylor Swift's song 'Mine'. I really like their covers and most of the time, I like them more than the original.

fade's 'Cross Road' english ver. It's only the short version, but I could listen this for hours!

Ledapple's 'Greatest world'. I don't know them, but found this video on Tumblr and fell in love with the song. 

Ksquared cover from AKB48's 'Koi suru fortune cookie'. I really love his voice and this version is really amazing. I also like the original, but this one is my favorite. (XD)

Avrile Lavigne's 'Rock n roll'. A gril used this song for an AMV and after it, I couldn't get this out of my mind. (XD)

This is everything for this week. What's your favorite of them? Would you like to see more of such posts? I'm looking forward to your comments.

Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

[music] A (エース) disbanding messages (T____T) english/german

Hey guys (T_T)

Today I got the news that a really good band will disband. I never saw them live, but I really loved their music and always wanted to join one of their lives. It's sad for me and I will miss them, but I want to share their messages with you.

“Pirates are those who live freely. We have conquered so many coasts up till now. Also, the feasts where so many Hearties assembled to join us on our ship. While we were struggling to find Utopia, it seemed that somehow the beginning of a new journey was approaching. I believe that having all these musicians together on one ship, including the support-members, was a miraculous thing in that sense. So was encountering all the people on our way. The sea is endless and vast, but all oceans are connected to each other, and so there is no eternal parting but we simply take a different road, and perhaps we will come together again and I will be able to play the same music. That is the beautiful thing about freedom, right. Wherever our courses may overlap, let us go on another journey! For that moment, I will keep this ship close to my heart. Also, since [Every end is a new beginning], I want to add these two together. Life will not end, because from here many more perils are awaiting us. As for our remaining feasts, for the end of the story, with eyes full of hope, will you come and hear it with your own ears? Let us create something that will last into eternity. Certainly treasures will be found here!
Rookie Fiddler

“The 4-year Tale of Captain Nimo and his beloved mischievous pirates seeking Utopia.
A magnificent tale of the journey on which they crossed the raging waves, seeking treasures all around the world together with their companions called [Hearties], who they met along their travels. When they were on a certain journey, chasing treasure, they had to make many sacrifices along the way and when Captain Nimo was the only one left behind, he realized something. The most important treasure of this world is not gold nor silver, it is the [Hearties], the companions who stay at your side. It is the smile coming from the heart of your friends. This is the tale of Captain Nimo who has grown a little during his long voyages. A story I felt I wanted to continue reading more and more. Let us now softly close the thick binding, soaked with tears, sweat and so many memories. Well, what kind of stories and what kind of friends will be awaiting us now, I wonder? Certainly it will be another tale overflowing with smiles, right? That is all!
- Nimo

On 11/11 the Utopia Chapter ended, next will be the final chapter of the sea. Yes, [The last Sea] As a pirate, a life without the sea would be a nearly fatal existence. The end of that sea. We will travel there next. Though A was the sole journey I have ever been on, for the sake of more purposes to come from here… Thus, on 29/4 A’s journey will be fully completed. I wish to convey my gratitude to all Hearties I have met up till now, one by one, and during the few feasts we have left, I will play with fire without holding back!!!”
- Toshi

Thanks to everyone, we have struggled and reached Utopia! From here on, we will begin a new journey. But, we will not just continue our journey, perhaps we will meet again somewhere else. That scenery, when I remember everyone’s smiles, wherever I am, I will do my best! According to everyone, all of us, when we can have such an existence, that is happiness! Forever from my heart, Mucho Gracias!! 州^_^州”
- Mucho Gracias


"Piraten sind die, die frei leben.
Wir haben schon so viele Küsten erobert.
Und auch die Feste, bei denen sich so viele Hearties versammelt haben um uns auf unserem Schiff zu unterstützen.
Während wir uns bemüht haben Utopia zu finden, scheint es trotzdem so, als ob sich der Beginn einer neuen Reise nähert.
Ich glaube, dass es eine wundervolle Sache war all diese Musiker zusammen auf einem Schiff zu haben, auch die Support-Member. So konnten wir all diese Leute auf unserer Reise kennenlernen.
Die See ist endlos und weit, aber alle Ozeane sind verbunden, also gibt es keine absolute/endgültige Trennung, wir nehmen nur unterschiedliche Wege und vielleicht kommen wir wieder zusammen und machen zusammen Musik. Das ist das schöne an Freiheit, oder?
Wo auch immer unsere Wege sich kreuzen werden, lasst uns aufbrechen zu neuen Abenteuern!
Aber zumindest jetzt, werde ich dieses Schiff in meinem Herzen behalten.
Zumal auch "jedes Ende ein neuer Anfang ist", will ich diese zwei Dinge miteinander verknüpfen.
Das Leben wird nicht zu Ende gehen deswegen, weil noch so viele Gefahren auf uns warten.
Für unsere restlichen Feste, also das Ende der Geschichte, die Augen voll mit Hoffnung, werdet ihr kommen und es mit euren eigenen Ohren hören?
Lasst uns etwas für die Ewigkeit machen. Sicherlich wird man dort Schätze finden!"
- Rookie Fiddler

"Das vierjährige Märchen von Captain Nimo und seiner geliebten, verruchten Piratenmeute, die Utopia suchen.

Eine großartige Geschichte der Reise, bei der sie tobende Wellen überwinden mussten, auf der Suche nach Schätzen auf der ganzen Welt. All dies mit ihren Begleitern, den Hearties, die sie auf diesem Weg getroffen haben.
Wenn sie eine bestimmte Reise unternommen haben, auf der Suche nach einem Schatz, mussten sie auf diesem Weg viel in Kauf nehmen und als Captain Nimo der letzte war, der übrig blieb, hat er etwas bemerkt.
Der wichtigste Schatz auf dieser Welt ist nicht Gold oder Silber, es sind die Hearties, die treuen Begleiter, die ihnen immer beistehen.
Es ist das Lächeln deiner Freunde, das von Herzen kommt.
Dies ist Geschichte von Captain Nimo, der so viel gelernt hat auf diesen langen Reisen.

Eine Geschichte, die ich gefühlt habe und immer mehr weiterlesen wollte.
Nun lasst uns sanft diese feste Verbindung beenden, durchnässt von Tränen, Schweiß und so vielen Erinnerungen.
Welche Geschichten und welche Freunde werden uns nun erwarten, frage ich mich.
Sicherlich wird das eine weitere Geschichte voller lächelnder Gesichter, oder?
Das war alles!"
- Nimo

"Am 11.11. hat sich das Utopia-Kapitel geschlossen, das nächste wird das letzte Kapitel der See sein.
Ja, "die letzte See".
Als Pirat wäre ein Leben ohne die See fast tödlich.
Das Ende dieser See
Dort reisen wir als nächstes hin.
Obwohl A war die einzige Reise war, auf die ich mich jemals begeben habe, wegen mehreren Dingen sind wir hier angelangt...
Und am 29.4. wird die Reise von A komplett sein.
Ich wünsche mir, dass alle Hearties, die ich bis jetzt treffen durfte, meine große Dankbarkeit spüren - jeder einzelne. Und in diesen letzten Festen, die noch übrig bleiben, werde ich mit einem FIRE spielen, ohne mich zurückzuhalten!!!"
- Toshi

"Danke an alle, die mit uns gekämpft haben um Utopia zu erreichen!
Hier beginnt eine neue Reise.
Wir werden diese Reise nicht nur weiterführen, aber vielleicht treffen wir uns eines Tages wieder irgendwo.
Diese Szene, wo ich alle lächeln gesehen habe, werde ich nie vergessen, wo auch immer ich bin! Ich werde mein bestes geben!
Alle, wir alle, sagen, dass wir solch ein Leben führen können, das ist großes Glück!
Für immer, von ganzem Herzen, 'Mucho Gracias' 州^_^州"
- Mucho Gracias

(english translation from Melissa/ Hearty Ensemble, german translation from / A German Support

Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

[giveaway] Spontaneous christmas giveaway!

Hey my dear followers (^-^) 

I know, I didn't wrote a lot at the past weeks, but at the moment everything is a bit stressful. My little sister was in the hospital, my stepmother, too and I spend a lot of my time with them or I just wanted to relax a little bit. Sorry. 

Now it's the 3rd december and christmas is really near and what would be better as doing a little spontaneous giveaway for my lovely readers?! This time it will be a little bit smaller than the last time, but I think it dosen't matter, right? I'm just in the mood for it and I hope you will enjoy it. (^-^) 

...yes it's paint and looks weird but who cares. (XD)

How to enter this giveaway:

- You have to be a follower of my blog! Please follow with GFC or BLOGLOVIN
- Please leave a comment with your GFC- or BLOGLOVIN-name, your mail-adress and tell me your favorite thing about christmas
- Get a 2nd lot if you share this giveaway public on your blog or facebook (if you did, please comment the link under this post) 

End-date is the 18th december 2013!

Do you want to know the prices???


My favorite thing on christmas is the surprise when you get a really special present! So this time I don't show the prices. It's a special christmas-surprise, from me to you! ♥