Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

[event]&[gets] Connichi gets

Hey guys (^-^) 

I know, I'm very late but I had a lot to do for the VAMPS concert, last week and after it I've caught a cold! (=_='') Berlin was so fuck'n cold and I also had a little cold before and after I came back from Berlin, I felt really sick and tired. Nyaa... now I try to sleep much more and drink some hot tea and enjoy manga reading in my warm bed. (XD) 

Anyway... I wanted to show you what I've bought at the Connichi, last month. If you didn't read my Connichi report, please enjoy it HERE! (^-^) 

FINALLY!!! I wanted this vol. 1 for soooo long and now it's finally mine! (*Q*) Akira is such a beautiful woman and Oni is damn cute!!! *fangirly mode* I found this issue on Takagi's booth and couldn't resist anymore. (XD) 

KERA maniax with beautiful Anna Tsuchiya. I found this magazine for a good price at the Bring and buy area. Also Miku from An cafe is inside with a Kuroshitsuji spacial. (^-^) 

Ha ha.. I bought too many magazines, hu? (XD) Also from the Bring and buy area for a good price. You know.. I'm KERA addicted. (XD) 

Front and back of my Cure vol. 52. But I decided to sell it again. To be honest.. I don't know why I bought it. (XD) There are also some interesting bands inside but.. nyaaa I just don't know. If you are interested, just let me know.

Bring and buy is LOVE!!! I bought them together for only 8€! (*Q*) I just love the Alice theme and 'Wonderful Wonder World' is a very cool manga. You should really check it out! (^-^) 

Kagrra, - Shu and a super-kawaii kitty memo pad. You know, I had this CD from Kagrra, before... but I lost it... INSIDE OF MY HOUSE!!! Yes, it's true.. (T_T) I really can't find it anymore and I have no idea where it should be. Now I own it again and it was a good price, so it's okay. If I ever find the first one again, I will give it to my best friend. (XD) 

Do you know who is my absolutely favorite Mangaka? No? It's Nana Haruta! She is sooo talented and I just adore her drawings so much. I'm such a maniac, I also collect the 'Ribbon' extras from her mangas. (XD) This was also an extra from the 'Ribbon' magazine and I was like a little child on christmas, as I found it on the Connichi. This is a little bag from 'Stardust Wink'.. so cute! (*Q*)

I ALWAYS wanted a 'Oyasumi Bakura' plush and now I have one. *in love* It is so soft and cute and nice and cute and awwww.. *cuteness overload* 
Sorry, but I really adore this little thing. (^////^)

NYANPIRE!!! *dies* 
Okay.. you can see I'm really addicted to such cute stuff. And I just had to buy this little guy, because of the 'M' on the heart. He was made only for me!!! (XD) 
Sorry, I'm really crazy today. *ha ha*

Isn't she adorable? (*Q*) I'm a huuuuge 'NANA' fan and a huuuuuuge Ai Yazawa fan and I'm always searching for more merchandise from her manga, but in germany you can find nearly nothing. It was like heaven as I found this pretty doll at the Bring and buy and I was shocked about the cheap price! ... Only 8€!!! (*Q*) 

And that's it! (XD) As you see.. I didn't bought soooo many things, but I spend enough money for it and I also had to save something for VAMPS, so it's perfect. I really enjoyed the Connichi and I'm still happy that I found such special stuff there.
Next time I will tell you something about the VAMPS live and my journey to Berlin and back home again. I hope you will like it. 

Stay tuned! (^-^)


  1. Wow...das ist mal ne fette Ausbeute XD

    Und gute Besserung <3

  2. Echt cooles Zeug!! Diese Kero Boku hätt ich auch wirklich gerne D:
    naja~ |D

  3. awww nyatenshi der gefallene engel hihi *-* und bis <3

  4. Tolle gets. ♥ Ich wünschte ich hätte auch so viel für mich gefunden. xD

  5. Your gets are great!
    I also really like KERA (*´∀`*)

  6. omggg so many gets, all of them looks so kawaii, thank you for sharing!♡

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  7. Heyy :) Oh so many gets!! ♥ I read wonderful wonderworld and I liked it a lot!! ♪ Hope you're doing well :))


    Und jaa, die Tasse ist so toll. XD <3