Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

[random] Award + Akai Kuchibiru giveaway

Hey (^-^) 

I got the LIEBSTER award, again. This time lovely Amaya Yume tagged me, but I think I will tag no one, because I made this tag a few month before and I have nooooo ideas for new questions. Sorry. 

- answer the 10 questions
- give 10 new questions
- tag some bloggers which have less than 200 readers

And now the questions from Amaya Yume:

 1. Your favorite singers and bands?
-> My absolutely favorite band is Dir en grey and my favorite singer is GACKT! They are totally different but I love their music so much and even if I love much more musicians and bands, these are my two favorites. 

2. Do you like Animes? Wich one is the best you've ever watched?
-> I love it. Since my childhood I love watching Anime, so I saw soooo many of them in my life. It's really hard to choose only one from them, but I can really recommend the movies from Studio Ghibli. I love 'PONYO', 'Howl's moving castle', 'Spirited away'... and much more! Another Anime I really adore is 'Digimon'. *ha ha* I love the first and the second season so much! 

3. Your favorite country and why? 
-> This is a really difficul question... I love Japan and I'm very interested in this country, but I also love Germany, because here is my home and my friends and all places I know my whole life. I also like France, South Korea and Singapore, but I've never been there and I also don't know muuuuch about those places, so I really don't know. Sorry.

4. Do you have Idols? Wich and why?
-> Yes and no. Of course I have people who inspiring me and I also want to reach what they reached in their life, but I think I don't have a one and only Idol in my life.

5. Are you happy with yourself?
-> Never... but this is a part of illness. 

6. Is there a fashion style you like best? 
->  No. I love so many stlyes and kinds of fashion and I would love to try everything once in my life. Fashion is really interesting, I love it.

7. Your favorite number?
-> 10

8. Do you have a special talent? 
-> Talking without sense? (XD) No, I think I don't have any special talents.

9. Do you have more female or male friends? 
-> Female friends. I never had much male friends.

10. Do you think this award is annoying? If yes: I'm sorry. >.<
-> *ha ha* No. I like it. (^-^)


Do you know Akai Kuchibiru??? No? You should really check this blog! At the moment, Angi (the owner of this blog) is hosting a giveaway and I will try my luck. (^-^) 

You can find all informations for this giveaway >> here << 
So please take a look on her blog and her giveaway and maybe you will like it and follow her, too?

bye bye


  1. I really like Studio Ghibli, too! Their movies are great, aren't they? (^O^) I saw Digimon (01) when I was a child and I enjoyed it very much (^-^)

  2. Interesting answers :) I used to live in France, it's not far from Germany! Go if you get the chance :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Glückwunsch zum Award (nochmal xD).
    Ahh, ich liebe die ersten beiden Staffeln von Digimon auch so sehr, es ist schon schlimm. T^T Haha. <3

  4. ICh cosplay das: >___< hab so'n kleinen Drachen aufm Arm (Armband...|D XD) und jaaa ;___; hoffe wir sehen uns! Will Tina auch sehen und soviele u__u immer so voll da XD