Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013


Hey ! (^-^)

I got the 'LIEBSTER award' from Taka and also from Joshua Hideki, please visit their blogs, too. 


- anwer the 11 questions by the blogger who nominated you
- create 11 questions by yourself
- tag 11 blogs with under 200 followers and tell them

Questions by Taka:

When did you started blogging?
-> I started on LJ, maybe.. 2007-2008? But arround 2009 I stopped because I had no internet at home and it was difficult to write @ the internet-cafe or at my mothers home. Last year I started with this blog and at the first, I wrote only in german, but later I turned into english. 

Where do you get your styling inspirations from?
->  Mixed. I get some from the internet (blogs, tumblr and so on) and also from the KERA magazine. Of course, also some bands inspiring me. But most of the time, I'm really casual. I don't have the opportunity to wear special outfits.

What's your current earworm, if you have one?
-> None at the moment. Sorry. 

Do you have to wear glasses?
-> Yes, but I don't have some.
What is your favorite online-store?
-> eBay? (XD) Okay, this is not really a shop, but I love buying from there. You can find ANYTHING you want and also for very cheap prices. I just love it. 
Do you like your smile?
-> Not really. 
What is the last PV you've watched?
-> Secret by MIYAVI (I would love to show you the video here, but thanks to the GEMA, it's not possible. (=_='')
What are you excited for?
-> I'm really excited for the Connichi and the VAMPS live, this year. (^-^)
Which colour is dominating your closet?
-> BLACK. (XD)
Do you listen to your favorite band everyday?
-> Most of the days, yes. 
Are you bothered by your past? 
-> Yes...

Questions by Joshua Hideki:

If you could move anywhere in the whole world, where would it be & why?
-> Cologne, because I love this city. I know, this is not really far, but I would never move to another country, if it's forever. For some years, I would love to live in London or maybe Tokyo.

What is your absolute favorite food?
-> My absolutly favorite food is Lasagne. I love the one from my fathers wife so much. It's really delicious.

Top three favorite movies are?
-> Majo no takkyubin, Neko no ongaeshi and Gake no ue no Pnyo... you see, I love Ghibli movies. 

What was the best trip you ever made?
-> I think it was my latest trip to cologne. It was really a short trip, because I was there for only one day, but it was amazing and I had the best people with me! 

Favorite genre of music you listen to?
-> Rock. But I like tons more. 

What is your dream job?
-> I would love to work in my own shop. 

How many countries have you visited?
-> U.K. and Pakistan.

If they cost the same, which would you choose between: Gold or Silver jewelry?
-> I always prefer silver!

What's your favorite fashion style?
-> I think it's a casual kind of Visual Kei. But as I said before, I'm very casual. Most of the time, I wear my Tour-shirts. (XD)

Do you have any tattoos? If yes, how many? If no, would you like to get any?
-> I would like to have some. I also know what I would like, but I don't have the money, yet. 

Ideal location in the world to open a high end silver jewelry shop? 
-> Tokyo? (XD) I think many japanese guys love such jewelry. 

My own questions:

1. Which is your favorite blog, at the moment?
2. Do you have more than one blog?
3. Is there any fashion style you would like to try?
4. Do you have a fashion idol, or a person who inspires you very much? 
5. How many hair colours do you had in your life?
6. Which was the best dessert you ever had?
7. Do you like more sweet or spicy food?
8. What is your favorite piece in your closet? 
9. Where did you spend your last vacation and how was it?
10. Are you satisfied with your life?
11. What would you change if you could do it with a snap?


And now the people I will tag this time:


....I'm really sorry but this time I will tag only this 6 people. If you like my questions, you can do it also without got tagged by me. Just leave a comment to let me know. Thank you.

bye bye


  1. eBay is my fav site to shop too!
    I love it the cheap things!


  2. Glückwunsch zum Award! :)
    Ich lese immer gerne die Antworten, bin aber selber immer zu faul etwas zu beantworten, wenn ich getaggt wurde. Deswegen mach ich bei sowas auch nie mit. xD

    1. Achso: und auf die Connichi freu ich mich auch schon. :3

  3. Congrats for your award!

    Ich dachte, ich antworte dir hier nochmal im Detail auf dein süßes Kommentar, damit du auf jeden Fall die Infos zu der Perücke kriegst.
    Ich hab sie bei ebay gekauft, schick dir den Link mit und hoffe, dass deine Freundin die auch ohne Probleme kriegt dann :)


    Danke auch für deine Unterstützung was das Thema Aussehen/Ernährung angeht.
    In der Tat hab ich einen etwas ungewöhnlichen Stoffwechsel... irgendwas hyper-metabolisches sonst-was.
    Ich hab den Namen vergessen.
    Auf jeden Fall sorgt das dafür, dass ich quasi 8000-9000Kalorien am Tag essen kann, ohne einen einzigen Pfund zuzunehmen...
    Manchmal ist das echt nicht lustig... aber da ich mich eh nicht darum schere wie viele Kalorien ich esse... denke ich, dass da noch nichts krankhaftes dran ist. ^^

  4. danke dir ich war auch froh :D

  5. Congrats on your award ^.^ And nice job on the questions :)

    -libertylithium (comment my blog! swap)