Freitag, 12. Juli 2013

[event] DIR EN GREY @ cologne 2013

Hey (^-^)  

FINALLY... I'm able to write about the DIR EN GREY concert, which was last month and also a little bit about my journey. Maybe you wonder why I took such a long time to write this report, but the last weeks I felt really bad and sick and wasn't able to sit a long time, so it was not possible to write it before. I'm sorry. (;_;) I'm still not healthy, but I feel much better than the last weeks and so~ I try to write something about the concert, now. (^-^'') 

our tickets 

Maybe some of you know it, but DIR EN GREY is my absolutly favorite band! I was very young as I listend their music for the first time and it was love at first sight! The music inspires me so much and this band means a lot to me. I still love their old songs and also enjoy their new works as well. Since 2006, I went to 5 concerts by DIR EN GREY (2006-cologne/2007-munich/2009-saarbrueken&berlin/2011-berlin) and the 6th one was on the 11th june 2013! 

I woke up early after having a very bad night. I couldn't sleep well, so I slept only 3 hours and were still damn tired in the morning! I meet my friends on the Heidelberg mainstation, but we didn't took the train... we took a bus! First we bought some breakfast from Mc Donalds and a few minutes after it, the bus came and we could start our jouney. 

It was the first time, I took such a bus but it was great! The bus was not crowded, there was a toilette inside, we had W-lan for free and the best point: It took only 3 1/2 hours and we paid only 11€ for it! (^-^) The ride was very relaxing. We had breakfast, talked a lot and later I slept for one hour, because I was still tired. (^-^'')

tired me (XD)

Arround 1pm, we arrived near to the LANXESS arena. After it rains on our journey, cologne was hot and sunny. Really nice, since my hometown was full of rain, the whole past weeks.

bye bye bus 

 LANXESS arena

We went to a train-station and drove to the main-station of cologne. I bougt some postcards for my japanese penpals and we visit the Dom. I've been 5 times in cologne yet, but I never saw the Dom from inside. (XD) But on this day the Dom was open, so we could take a look inside and I made some (blurry) photos. 

Dom (*Q*)

the doors are so beautiful

beautiful Dom... i love it

The Dom is wonderful. I'm not christian or religious, but old churches are so beautiful and I love to visit them, just like a tourist. (XD) Do you like such places?
But we didn't spend a lot of time there, because we wanted to be early at the Live Music Hall. So, after a little walk inside of the Dom, we went to the main-station and took the train to the Live Music Hall. 

I don't like to wait infront of the concert hall, because it's boring and uncomfy and I just hate to wait! (XD) But this time it was okay. We talked to some people and I met my dear Svenja for the first time... SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Here are some photos...

Alex made them, because I left my camera in Svenjas car

 chibi Die is always with me



I don't need VIP to make a photo with Die (XD)

The inlet was on time and without any bigger problems. Like always, I took a place infront of Die and had to wait again. (XD)

I didn't made any photos from the concert, so I will show you some from Getaddicted... pls visit their HP to check the whole gallery.

For me, the concert was very good. I know, many people are not satisfied with the concert, because of some reasons, but I had a really nice time there. DIR EN GREY are really special for me and I had a very good place at the 2-3rd row infront of Die and could see the whole stage very well. They played a lot of my favorite songs and gave me special feelings but as I noticed the first notes of THE FINAL, all came over me and I totally start crying. This was so strange, because I sang the whole song while I cried, but this moment was so deep and special for me and thinking of it, still give me a shiver. 

I don't know but I think the concert was a little short. I really don't know the exactly time, but for me it seemed so. Sorry if I'm wrong. Anyway.. it was a wonderful concert and I loved the songs and the band and they looked so good!!!*fangirly mode* 

After the concert, I went to the booth to buy some merchandise. I've bought one T-shirt, the totebag, the hoodie and the wristband and spend A LOT of money for it. (XD) And the seller-guy did a mistake... he gave everything but not the T-shirt, but took the money for it. So I came back and asked him and after he looked a bit skeptical, he gave me my T-shirt! YAY! (^o^) 
I was really fast with buying my stuff and had to wait for my friends, but it was okay because I saw an old friend of me and we talked a little bit. Later we went outside and for some reasons, we left the place really fast. First we picked up the car of Svenja and drove to the Burger King to eat something. This was a really good idea! I was hungry and it was good to relax a bit before driving home. We also had a lot of fun there and made some silly jokes. (Sorry to everyone who was next to us.. XD) 

Alex made a photo of this funny poster >>Avoid crowds<< across from the concert hall (XD)

We had so much luck, because we don't had to wait a whole night on the main-station! Lovely Svenja drove us home, with her amazing car! She lives not at my hometown, but she came with us and stayed the night here. This was so cute and I'm still thankful for this. She also gave me some little gifts... (;/////;) I will show them in one of my next entries with the tour goods together. 

I was damn tired as we arrived, so I only wanted to hug my pillow! *ha ha* We talked just a little bit and went to bed, really fast. On the next day, Svenja drove home. (;_;) I hope we will meet soon again. And of course I had my spacial 'after-concert depression', like always, but this time it was much harder because I felt sick and bad in many ways. (=_=) 

BUT.. I had the best people with me, on this day! I could never imagine a better group for concerts, like this! Thank you guys! 

So, this was my concert report. Finally I managed to write this entry and I hope you didn't got bored. *ha ha* I also hope you are not angry because I took such a looooooong time for it. I try to blog more, from now. Since I feel a little better, I also want to share some stuff with you. (^-^) So I hope you enjoyed this entry.... I would love to know your favorite band or musician, maybe you can tell me?

bye bye 


  1. I like your report. I'm not a too serious fan of Dir En Grey. My favorites are The GazettE, Velbet, Kiryu, 12012, Kousei, Versailles, GHOST etc.
    Your haircolor is really beautiful.

    bai, Shiki

    1. Thank you. ^^
      I really like 12012 and Versailles, too. ^^

  2. Hoffentlich geht es dir bald wieder besser! .O.
    Ich war 2009 auch auf dem Dir en grey Konzert in Saarbrücken, aber mittlerweile habe ich mit der Band überhaupt nichts mehr zu tun. Vielleicht sollte ich mal wieder ein bisschen reinhören :)
    Freut mich aufjedenfall, dass dir das Konzert gefallen hat :)

    1. Danke. ^^
      Ihre aktuellen Sachen finde ich wirklich ziemlich gut und du machst sicher nichts falsch wenn du mal reinhörst. Kann ich nur empfehlen. ^^

  3. oh wie geil du warst bei diru? *-* ich konnte leider aus zeitlichen gründen nich hin aber schade du warst in köln und ich wohn nur 50km weg...
    ich hoffe du hattest deinen spaß da :D
    deathgaze war klasse!

    1. Oh ja, es war wirklich ganz toll. ^^ Echt, du wohnst so nah an Köln? Vielleicht sieht man sich ja mal auf einem anderen Konzert. <3
      Freut mich total für dich.

  4. Die Fotos vom Dom sind total toll, ich liebe dieses Gebäude *-*
    Ist allerdings schon recht lange her, als ich mal dort drinnen war q,.q
    Es freut mich das du bei dem Konzert so viel Spaß hattest und dieses Poster ist einfach mal endlos geil an dieser Stelle xDDDD
    Meine Lieblingsbands sind the GazettE, girugamesh, BLACK LINE, MEJIBRAY, LM.C, AnCafe, RoNo☆Cro, GOTCHAROCKA, ADAMS und DIAURA ^__^

    1. Danke. ^^ Ich liebe den Dom auch. Ich mache irgendwie dauernd Bilder von ihm wenn ich in Köln bin und obwohl ich schon einige habe, mache ich immer wieder welche. XD
      Ha ha~ ich fand das Plakat auch so genial an der Stelle!XDD Hat uns viel Freude bereitet. XD

      Toll! <3 Ich mag auch girugamesh, MEJIBRAY, LM.C, GOTCHAROCKA und ADAMS. ^^

  5. Oh immer noch nicht besser? Gute Besserung! >.<
    Undmach dir kein Stress wegem Bloggen...ich weiß, das sagen alle und jeder Blogger verfällt dennoch in leichte Panik XDDD
    Dennoch; alles nach dem Andrem ;D

    Hast du jetzt kürzere Haare? ö.ö wow, steht dir :D auch das Kükenblond find ich ganz passend für dich *__*
    Fotos vom Dom sind echt klasse! :0 Traumhaft!

    Jeeedenfalls, klingt nach nem coolen Konzi, alles im allen ;D

    1. Leider nicht. Es ziiiieeehhht sich. =__= Aber ein wenig bessert es sich nun doch, also hoffe ich, dass ichs bald überstanden hab. ^^
      Ha ha, ja genau. Ich denk mir auch immer: 'Eins nach dem anderen...' und dann kommt trotzdem die Panik weil ich doch UNBEDINGT posten wollte. XD''

      Ja, die Haare sind etwas kürzer und heller. Ich bin aber noch nicht so ganz happy damit.

  6. It's great that you could enjoy the concert (^^)
    Your report was very interesting!
    I think you already know it but my favourite band is An Cafe (^ω^)

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment. ^^

      Oh yes~ and I love the way you adore this band. ^^

  7. You are so super lucky to see them live! ^^ I'm not the biggest fan but they still have great music! Looks like you had great time and made good memories <3

    1. Oh yes. I really loved this concert. Thank you ^^

  8. The Dom is just beautiful <333
    Looks like the concert was awesome!

    I don't have a fave band or anything, I just listen to what I like :)

    1. Oh I like it too. Such a adorable place <33

  9. Über die Sache mit dem Plakat gegenüber der Halle musste ich auch schmunzeln. :D

    1. Wir kamen an und sind erstmal in Gelächter ausgebrochen!!!XDD

  10. endlich konnte ich mir Zeit nehmen, und Deinen Dir en grey Post lesen :)

    Ich fand es spannend zu lesen, dass Du mit dem Bus gefahren bist; ist ja auch schließlich guenstiger und nicht so ätzend wie zugfahren (dieses anze umsteigen).

    Schön, dass Dir das Konzert so gut gefallen- sogar zu Tränen gerührt hat. In Dir steckt wahres Fanblut Q___Q Sei Stolz darauf ;>

    1. Schön wenn dir der Post gefallen hat. ^^ Ich habe den Trip total genossen, wobei das Konzert wohl auch jede Mist-fahrt ausgeglichen hätte. *_*

  11. Uff, hab den Post irgendwie jetzt erst gesehen. x_x Jedenfalls erstmal danke dafür. ♥ Ich freu mich, dass es ein schönes Konzert für dich war. :)

    Ich würd auch gerne mal wieder auf eins gehen, aber ich hab vor ein paar Jahren aufgehört, J-Rock etc. zu hören. Ich liebe die alten Songs von damals immer noch und immer, wenn eine meiner Lieblingsbands wieder nach Dtl. kommt, möchte ich am liebsten zu den Konzerten gehen. ABER ich mag die meisten der neuen Alben und Songs einfach nicht mehr. v_v"

    Und mit Kirchen geht's mir übrigens auch so wie dir. xD

    1. Ja, das ist halt immer so eine Sache. Ich kenne das auch von mir. Wenn ich von einer Band alte Sachen mag, scheue ich mich trotzdem manchmal auf ein Konzert zu fahren, weil die neuen halt nciht mehr so meins sind. ich versuche dann mich zufragen ob es mir die Band an sich nicht wert ist. Das ist dann auch immer so ein Stück Nostalgie, für mich. ^^

  12. Sounds like a great time! Happy to see that you had fun ^w^

    -libertylithium (comment my blog! swap)

  13. Argh... ich wünschte ich wäre auch dort gewesen! Ich könnte meiner Schule jetzt noch in den Hintern treten, dass ich ausgerechnet da Abschlussprüfungen hatte. Da kommt meine Lieblings Band schonmal wieder nach Deutschland, und ich sitze in der Schule und versuche verzweifelt mir mein (nicht vorhandenes) Wissen über Polynome ins Gedächtnis zu rufen. D:
    Ach ja, die Frage nach meiner Lieblings Band hätte ich dann auch schon beantwortet, es ist ebenfalls DEG. :)