Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

✿Sakura nights✿

Hey friends (^_^)

April is over now and I totally failed with posting all the stuff I wanted! I'm so sorry, but I just was not able to do it.
But today, I have some good news! I finally got 100 Followers via GFC!!!! (please also follow it via Bloglovin) I'm so thankful and happy about it. I never thought that so many people would read my blog and be interested in me, my life and the stuff I'm talking about. Thank you soooooo much!!!
As I promised, I will do a Giveaway for you. But I'm still waiting for some of the prices, so please just wait a little longer. Thank you. (^_^)

Today I want to show you some photos, I made in the middle of april. I'm a huge fan of cherry blossoms. They are really beautiful and fragile and I'm always glad to see them in spring. One of my dreams is to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, but for the moment I also like to sit under the ones in Germany. (^_~)

I hope it works, because I can not upload any photos on Blogspot at the moment (does anyone have the same problem???) so I uploaded them on Photobucket. (>___<'') I hope you can see the photos. 
Do you like the photos?

 Btw. Did I told you that I'm blonde again? (XD)

bye bye


  1. Glückwunsch! ^.^
    Freut mich sher für dich! Und wow, die Fotos *.* Warst du echt imDunkeln bei den Bäumen? ö.ö Sieht klasse aus :D
    Blond~ uhh steht dir :D will auch wieder hellere Haare T.T Aber hab Angst dass meine Haare das nicht mitmachen :'D

  2. Uiii die Bilder sind schön *^*
    Und ich hab auch das Problem mit dem Fotos hochladen .__.

  3. Gratuliere zu seinen 100+ Followers *-*
    Die Fotos sind wunderschön geworden ♡___♡
    Ich lade nie Bilder direkt über Blogger hoch,
    daher kann ich dir leider nicht sagen, ob das
    bei mir funktioniert oder nicht :/

  4. Wow~!!
    Beautiful pictures! ^__^

  5. Congrats to your 100 followers!
    Really beautiful photos indeed. I love cherry blossoms.
    They are like... my birth flowers since I'm born at the beginning of April and I have a huge picture of them on one of my room's walls.
    Unfortunately I was ill the whole April (almost) so I wasn't able to attend any Hanami... and we just have a plum tree in the garden but its blossoms look quite alike since cherries and plums (esp. the trees) are from the same 'family'. ♥

  6. Love the cherry blossoms :3 We barely have any in Finland, and we are going to Japan not before september.. so cherry blossoms = missed for now.
    Lol that chibi mascot is so cute :D
    x, Lara

  7. Wundervolle Fotos!!!!

    Du hast doch wegen der DOKIDOKI-Tasche gefragt woher sie ist, die ist wieder im Shop, hier der Link:

    LG, Ruha Chan

  8. Wow... ich habe dieses Jahr leider noch keine gesehen - entweder keine Zeit oder es war dank des langen kalten Wetters noch zu früh~
    Einfach schön. <3

  9. Congrats for the 100 followers ★!!
    I also like sakura very much! (*´ー`*)

  10. great photos

    Please visit and follow me
    Keep in touch

    Danica Stark

  11. 桜美しいだよ! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  12. Wow die Bilder sind echt toll. ♥

  13. wow, 100+ followers! cool ;w;"
    and I wish you to see Japan's cherry blossoms one day~

  14. wunderschöne pics ^.^ - und du siehst sehr süß aus in blond❤