Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

Hanami 2013 - Stuff and goods/part 2

Hey hey! (^-^)

This is the 2nd part of my stuff&goods entry. I will also show you the stuff I bought on this weekend. But first, I have something to share.... I'm selling some stuff at the moment here >> *click me* << !!! Some manga, accessoiries and different japanese magazines are on sale now, so please take a look on it. Thank you. (^-^)

My beloved Kaito... I WANT YOU!!!!(T///////T)
Mr. Satan is still the hero of Dragon Ball Z!!! (XD)
A little bit of hentai is everywhere! (XD)
I just love K-press! Very cute and unique japanese stuff and the seller was so kind and funny
My beloved Jiji was too expensive! (>_<'') I can't wait to buy a Jiji in Japan, someday. (T_T)
...surprised!!! (XD)
Adorable One Piece figures... Sanji is my absolutly favorite!
Sexy Ace.. (*_*)

That's it! I saw a lot of cool and funny stuff and of course, I also bought some stuff for myself. *he he* Take a look: 

Huge Shappo plush, Weiß Kreuz vol. 5 DVD, Meine Liebe manga vol. 1-4, Neiji oneshot manga, Bokutachi wa shitte shimatta manga vol. 7, Nana&Ren&Hachiko key chains, two Kutusita Nyanko memo pads, K-ON memo pad, Vocaloid Ren&Rin notebook, Stitch mini-envelopes, Kenshin gachapon, Kuroshitsuji Ciel key chain, Vocaloid Ren key chain and selfmade hairbands with cute Kittys(<- inside of Shappos hat)

The next entry will be about cosplay and I will show you all photos I made from the cool cosplayers, I saw on this weekend. I hope you will enjoy them.

bye bye


  1. Awww, die Figuren sind voll cool q-q *auch wenn ich nie Geld für sowas ausgeben würde xD* Und deine gekauften Sachen sind niedlich, vor allem das große rosa ding *O* :DD

  2. You bought cute stuff.. but why not Kaito :D?
    Haha, those pervvy figures are everywhere in Japan, it's horrible when you are on hanging out alone and drop by to a shop just to find that it's full of perv stuff and you're the only woman in there :D
    x, Lara

    1. Because he was damn expensive. T__T

      Ha ha.. sounds really weird! I think no one want to be the only woman in such a shop. V__V

  3. Ich liebe diese Rußmännchen Plüschies, aber die sind mir einfach zu teuer >_<

  4. Aww, so viele süße Sachen *o*

  5. Oh, das ist alles so niedlich. =v=
    Ich würde auch gerne auf eine Convention, leider verpasse ich das oder verpeile ich es viel zu oft. Ich bin einfach zu schusselig. D:

    Jedenfalls gefällt mir dein Blog sehr gut.
    Ich verfolge ich heimlich. x3

  6. Oh really lovelies stuff.

  7. Die Auswahl hätte ich mir auf der aniMUC auch gewünscht. >.<
    So schöne Fotos...
    Mir gefallen natürlich die Sachen von Kutusita Nyanko am besten. ^^

    1. Danke ^-^
      Du musst unbedingt mal zur Hanami kommen~

  8. Hi there!!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award! and linked you up on my blog too!

    Check it out here:

    I hope you enjoy doing it!
    Have a great day! :)