Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

Shop review // Modes4u

Most of you already know the famous shop for kawaii stuff, named Modes4u! But for all those people, who aren't know it, I will do my little shop review! (^_^)
I promise, my next enrty will be a normal one! *he he*

Let's start with the facts:

Shop: Modes4u
First order?: No
Payment: Transfer to a german bank account
Shipping time: Arround two weeks
Shipping coast: Arround 8€
Costums?: No

Modes4u always pack their packages very well. At my last order every piece was wraped with bubble wrap and this time they used strong cardboard to protect my order from everything! Of course, also a delivery note was in the package, but I didn't took a photo of it. Btw. I love the little plastic bag! It's always nice to pull out such a cute package! (^_^)

Here you can see my order. Unfortunately it's not my whole order, because I also bought some gifts for friends there and I can not show them here, sorry. But I bought a letter set two different stickers and for Yase, I bought the very cute Snow white memo pad! Everything looks really cute and as a free gift, I got a cute pink deco tape with Paris theme!

The letter set isn't really special but I like the design. I really needed a new one because I love writing letters with my friends and always love to use such cute paper for it. I didn't made a picture of the front (>////<''), but here you can see all different designs. 
I paid arround 5,50€ for it and you can find it here >> *click*

This is the awesome memo pad which looks like a real book! It includes different designs and even if I'm not a huge fan of snow white, I would also buy this memo pad for me! Isn't it cute?
She paid arround 5€ for it and you can find it here >> *click*

Two different sticker sheets. I really fell in love with the rolling stone stickers. They are so cool and special, I never saw them before! And I'm really sorry for the blurry photo, but the other stickers are baby chicken. I collect cute stickers and I also love to use them, from time to time, for my letters and decorating some stuff. (^_^)
It seems that the chicken stickers, are sold out. 
For the 'rolling stones' I paid arround 2€ and you can find them here >> *click*

This is the tape I got as a free gift. 
I couldn't find it in the shop, but I found nearly the same as a washi tape!
You can find it here >> *click*


It was my 2nd or 3rd order, so there was nothing really new for me. It's very positive that you can select many languages and also german, because the shop owner is speaking german and it's also good that you don't have to use (but you can) a creditcard or Paypal, because they also have a german bank account! The order is really easy and the stuff is original, so don't be afraid because of fakes! 
Sometimes the prices are to heavy, but you can find also very good and cheap things at ther 'Special offer'! 
The only bad thing is the long shipping way. Okay, this time I had luck and just had to wait arround 2 weeks, but at my last order I waited for nearly 6 weeks! It's because they are shipping from Hong Kong, but if this is no problem for you, or if you make your order very early, it's not a real problem! (^_^)

If you want to know more about the shop history and the team, please check it here >> *click*

bye bye


  1. aww der Shop hat total viele süße Sachen.. *.*
    evtl bestell ich da auch mal..danke für die Shopvorstellung :)

  2. Ich liebe Modes4u! ^.^
    Tolle Sachen hast du da bestellt. Ich könnte auch schon wieder schwach werden. *hihi*
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch übrigens zu 101 Lesern! ^o^
    P.S. Brief für dich hat sich heute auf den Weg gemacht. Ich hoffe er kommt heil bei dir an.

    1. Ha ha, ja ich auch schon wieder!! *__*
      Danke~ ich werde dazu auch bald noch etwas schreiben ^___^~
      Ah, vielen Dank. <3 Ich freue mich schon auf deine Post. ^^

  3. Ah~ den Shop kannte ich noch nicht xD
    Aber er hat wirklich süße Sachen~~ vielleicht werd ich mir dort bei Gelegenheit auch mal was bestellen :D

    1. Der Shop ist wirklich toll. ^^ Freut mich wenn er dir gefällt~

  4. ahhh wieder ein Shop den ich noch nicht kannte :3

    1. Freut mich, dass ich ihn auch Leuten zeigen konnte, die ihn bisher nicht kannten ^^

  5. Oha sind die ganzen Sachen niedlich ;////;
    Die Sticker gefallen mir am Besten *__* <3

  6. The things you bought are very cute!
    Modes4u is a lovely shop (^ω^)

  7. Wow, alles sieht so süß aus!! >< will haben D:

  8. modes4u ist toll ( ˘ ³˘)♥
    Du hast tolles Zeug gekauft und der Schneewittchen-Block ist ja mal besonders süß ლ(╹◡╹ლ)