Mittwoch, 17. April 2013


Hey guys. (^_^)

Yesterday I got a note from DHL which told me that I have to pick up a package at the local post office. 

It's my modes4u order! Of course I will do a review about it. (^_^) Do you like my shop-reviews?

Up comming stuff:

- modes4u shop review
- Sakura nights
- Kik haul
- SALE post

This is what I planned for this month. I hope I can do it all. Next month I will also do some interesting entries here. (Hanami convention, Give-away, CD Japan review, Neo Tokyo review,....) So please take a look on it. (^_^)

bye bye


  1. Ja~ ich mag deine Reviews gern *-*
    Sind interessant & sehr informativ, zudem bin ich ohnehin ziemlich neugierig, daher passt das gut xDDD

  2. I also like modes4u!
    They have a lot of cute things (^O^)

  3. Oh really gorgeus sweetie
    I hope see the reviews soon


  4. Meine güte, endlich hab ich es geschafft, dir auch mal zu Folgen XDD
    Ich LIEBE modes4u *O*