Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

[event] ♡Happy birthday to me~♡

Hey guys~

Maybe you already know it, but the 10th march was my birthday! I got many gifts from my friends and beloved penpals, at the past weeks and even if don't celebrate my birthday on this day, I had a really nice time with my best friend. (^__^) 
I don't have a lot of photos of this day... I only made some of my gifts and food~ *ha ha* But maybe you are interested in them? 

I got this package from my dear friend Rebel and was really surprised as I found the GACKT photobook inside. Wow~ I really adore GACKT and even if I have so many photobooks, this one was missing in my collection. 

I also got a super-cute gift from my friend Daniela. (*Q*) I didn't know that she send something to me and as I got it, I was really surprised ! Kuromi stuff is really cute !

Oh my god ! Kai sent this adorable Mamegoma cup and Hello Kitty strawberry Poki to me... isn't it cute?!

I was really surprised, because Tina didn't said that she would send something to me. I know her for more than a year now and she is one of my dearest penpals. She is very important for me and I love to get her letters. She sent 3 CD's (Nightmare//Merry//Versailles), a cute manga towel, two Mokona figures, a japanese figure and a beautiful selfmade card to me. 

(*___*) Do you know who it is? .... YES!!! It's Die from DIR EN GREY !!! Die-sama is my absolutly favorite guitarist and now I have my personal Chibi-Die! So cute, right? Svenja also sent a very special bracelet to me... maybe you can not see it well, but inside of the transparent capsule, is a little Origami-turtle. (^_^)

My gifts from my best friend, Yase. (O__O) She is really crazy !!! She gave two GACKTGLOBALS magazines to me and the Vol. 2 of Age quod agis from Dir en grey ! I just love this stuff... but it was damn expensive.... (T___T)

This was the first gift~ I got it already at the middle of the last month. Natsumi, a penpal from Japan, sent it to me and I was damn curious about it, but I had to wait for my birthday.. (@__@) She send a lot of cute stuff (sticker, nail-sticker, memo-pad, ...) to me and also a KERA issue ! I really love this magazine, I'm so damn happy about it !!!

This was a little gift from my brother and his girlfriend. A bronzing powder, a necklace and pierces. I never got a gift from him before, so I'm very happy about it. (^__^) 

I got this one from my mother and the wife of my father. Money in a beautiful card and a kitchen scale, which I really needed. My father also gave some money to me, which I will use for my trip to Duesseldorf next month and also for the Hanami Convention, which is not so far ! 

 Ha ha ha~ this was my gift for myself ! I ordered some food from my favorite indian restaurant~ delicious Chicken Korma and my beloved dessert Firni ! It's a kind of childhood for me and I just love indian food, so I really wanted it for my birthday. 

*ho ho ho* Because of a little spring-festival, near to my house, we also bought some sweets. I love such sweets and always need some if there is such a festival here. 
Do you like the gingerbread-heart? 'Sweet devil' is written on it, but it is not for me... *hi hi*

I will do another entry about my birthday after my party on the 16th march. I decided to celebrate it on this day, because my birthday was a sunday and I always have to work on this day, so I was not able to make a party with all friends. (^__^'')
As you see, I got A LOT of gifts this time ... I think I got never so many gifts before. (XD) I also got many many congratulations trough Facebook, Twitter and also on Poupee Girl. 


*ha ha* Can you see what Yase done with this photo of GACKT? 

bye bye


  1. Happy Birthday! Wow you got so many cute things :) x

  2. Freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat :)

  3. Alles gute nachträglich :) So viele tolle Geschenke *o*

  4. Happy belated birthday!! *_*
    You've got so many nice presents!

  5. Die Mamegoma-Tasse ist ja süß*_____* Ich hatte auch mal eine...hatte, bis sie runterfiel. Und so ein Wackelding hab ich auch <3

    1. Ah, wie doof. >__<'' Mir ist auch mal eine von Hello Kitty kaputt gegangen, das war nicht so toll.

  6. Ohh saengil chukha hamnida~♥
    Du hast ja am gleichen Tag wir Mir geburtstag :D Lucky you! ^.^keke
    Schöne Geschenke hast du *3* hmmm~♥

    1. Echt? Das wusste ich gar nicht. XDDD
      Danke danke <33

  7. Nyappy belated birthday!!
    The presents you got are very nice o(≧∀≦)o

  8. happy birthday!!
    oh my god you got many cute cute gift! so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    visit my blog ^^

  9. Forever 21 gabs bei euch mal? Wo wohnst du denn? Die sind ja noch nicht so lange in Deutschland vertreten, vllt. seit 2011 oder so? Ungefähr! Es gibt auch noch Forever 18, davon gibt es sehr viele in Deutschland, vllt. verwechselst du das? Den Laden mag ich aber nicht besonders... ):

    Alles, alles Gute nachträglich! Scheint ein schöner Tag gewesen zu sein! (:

  10. Alles Gute nachträglich auch von mir~
    Ich wünsch dir (& deinen Gästen) schonmal viel Spaß für deine Party am 16ten ! :)
    Lasst es dann krachen ;)

  11. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had an awesome day! You got some lovely gifts from your friends :) Have a great party on the 16th!!

  12. Happy Birthday noch nachträglich! Uhha das Gackt-Zeugs ist ja cool, obwohl der Gute ja schon etwas gealtert ist in den letzten 10 Jahren ^^'

    1. Danke sehr ^^
      Wer nicht? Ich liebe seine Musik trotzdem, außerdem sieht er immernoch TOP aus! ^^

  13. Auch von mir noch alles Gute nachträglich! Sorry, dass ich so spät dran bin. >.< Ich hatte so nen Ärger auf Arbeit, dass ich mal wieder zum kommentieren zu genervt war.
    Hauptsache du hattest einen schönen Tag! ^.^

  14. I am a bit late, but still: happy birthday! You got so many cool and cute gifts, how fun :-D

  15. Happy belated birthday! ( ^_^)/~~~
    Danke für dein Kommentar! Okinawa ist wirklich wunderschön, war aber nie dort. >_<
    Warst du schonmal in Japan? Tolle Geschenke übrigens! (^ω^)

  16. wow, wie viele Geschenke Du bekommen hast ; das freut mich fuer Dich !
    Ich bekam nichts : D
    aber das ist ok~

    Viel spaß weiterhin mit Deinen Presenten ! <3

    1. Danke ^^ Für mich kam das auch ziemlich unerwartet. ^^'''

  17. Sorry for late, but Happy Birthday!!!<3 <3 Looks like you had great time and you received so many cute things! ^^

  18. Oh sweetie Happy Birthday!
    My best wishes for you!
    Now I´m following you I hope your follow me back.


    1. Thank you <3

      Your blog seems very interesting~ I will check it. ^^

  19. Wow, you got sooo many gifts!!! Happy birthday :)

  20. Danke für dein Kommi^^
    Alles Gute nachträglich!!!! Wow du hast ja supertolle Geschenke bekopmmen*_* Ich liebe es, wenn man so viele kleine niedliche sachen bekommt :3

  21. So viele schöne Geschenke! Alles Gute nachträglich! <3

  22. ALLES GUTE NACHTRÄGLICH LIEBE LIEBE MIYA!!♥♥♥ ^w^ du hast echt sehr viele und tolle Geschenke bekommen *-*

  23. Belated happy birthday! I've a late gift for you. :3

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! =D

    Pastel Kisses,
    Sie Cajilig

  24. Das Kuromi Notizheft habe ich auch (。’▽’。)♡ Auf deine Mamegoma Tasse bin ich etwas neidisch. Die ist ja total niedlich ♥
    Hat Svenja die Die-Puppe selbst gemacht? Wenn ja, dann ist sie talentiert.
    Argh! Auf dein Kera Magazin bin ich echt richtig neidisch. Ich liebe Kera(。♥‿♥。)
    Ugh! Und die Küchenwaage ist schick! Ich werde ja wahrscheinlich bald von Zuhause ausziehen und da hätte ich auch gerne schicke Küchengeräte(●´艸`)

    Du hast wirklich viele tolle Geschenke bekomme (⌒▽⌒)☆