Freitag, 1. März 2013

☆February gets☆

Hey guys~

At the moment I haven't many things to show, so I hope you don't get lazy by checking my blog. This month is my birthday and also the birthday of two of my siblings, so maybe I will post something about it, but we will see~ 

Let's start with my 'February gets':

 Stardus Wink vol. 8 - one of my absolutly favorite manga and look who is on the cover~ my beloved Hinata!!! (*Q*)

 Girl friends vol. 4  - number 5 will be the last one... (T__T)

 I already have shown you my new Dir en grey stuff. I just love the totebag and the badge-set, but I'm afraid to use the stuff because I could lost it. (>__<'') Now I put all my special stuff from Dir en grey into the bag~

Also got some traiding cards from Shinya and Die~ I love them!

It's the first Ageha issue I ever bought. Usualy I'm not into the styles which are in the magazine, but one reason convinced me .....

GACKT!!!! Only two pages, but I just can't resist to buy this magazine. *hihi*

Ha ha~ GACKT again! Three issues of GACKT's fanclub magazine 'GACKTGLOBALS'. The guy who sold it, sent also some very nice photos of GACKT for free~ (*Q*) I wish to have much more of these magazines!

As a friend searched for a cheap calendar, I found this adorable BUNNY SUICIDES calendar for only 1€! They also had some from Winnie Pooh and Hello Kitty, but I choose this one. Isn't it cute?

Lovely robot stickers! I got them from my best friend as a gift, because they remind us so much of YOU's 'You-robot' (*__*)

Another gift I got from a friend~ Zombie sent this super-cute stuff with her letter and I was so surprised about it. I adore the little stamp-set and the cute stickers from Hello Kitty and the plush-strap!

 (*Q*) My first V-day gift ever!!! A good friend gave this cute little gift to me and I'm so glad about it! I love the watermelon soap! (*__*)

The first thing I bought via 'Kleider Kreisel'! I found this super-cute chocomint bow there and just had to buy it! 

 And of course some cosmetic stuff~ The lipbalm smells like lemon-cake!

Two purple eyeliner~ I need them for a special make-up

As I found it, I just can't resist to buy this eyeshadow! I love the color and the packing looks also very cute

Boring... some new shampoo with sweet raspberry-scent and deodorant... which also smells like lemon-cake! (XD)

Do you know 'Milka Löffel Ei'? I never ate it before and as I said this to a friend, she was really shocked and bought me this one! It's delicious, you really have to try it!

 Vla~ I just love it!

 Milktea with hazelnut flavor~ (*___*)

A friend brought this from 'Real' and it was damn delicious!

(*__*) Yummy yummy yummy~

Just love it~

(*__*) Did I told you that lemon-cake is my favorite? *hihi*

Dear Tiger and Dragon, please stop eating my money! (XD)

That's all~ (XD) As you see,  a lot of unhealthy food found the way to my home... I should start to buy more healthy stuff and do some sport again. *hehe*

bye bye


  1. Ahaha! I love Bunny Suicides! Also, cute robot stickers :3

    1. I love it!!!! Your bunny suicide calendar is so cute and your eats are so delicious <3 yummy <3 I also should buy more healthy stuff and less sweets and so on. I also have to make sport -_- Come, we take it together!!!!!! ^-^

      *going to eat some pizza...*

  2. Fresschen! *Q*
    Boah da bekomm ich glatt Hunger! XD Vor allem bei den Milkaeiern *3* nomnomz!
    Ich beneide dich auch um die Ageha und die tollse süße Flaschi-Schleife :D
    Fühl dich glücklich *3*~!

  3. Huhuu...
    Wir fliegen am 06.04.13 für 12 Tage nach Tokyo. ;)
    Nun habe ich hunger vom lesen deines Eintrags. XD

    1. ...ich bekomme sogar selbst hunger davon XD

  4. nya- poor Bunnies! this calendar is like creepy-cute, although a lot more creepy >.< I love the Milka Eggs, whenever I'm abroad during easter, my granny sends them to me❤

  5. Hahaha! Ich habe auch immer Angst meine liebsten Sachen zu verlieren und benutze sie deshalb nicht. Eine Freundin meinte mal zu mir, dass ich versuchen solle umzudenken ... weil es ja auch traurig wäre, wenn niemand die tollen Sachen je zu Gesicht bekäme ... manchmal klappt es ...
    Das Design der Tasche ist super cool!

    Ich freue mich für dich, dass der Februar sehr GACKT-ig für dich war (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

    Die armen Häschen! (ノдヽ)

    Aww~ Ich liebe Wassermelone. Die Seife muss göttlich riechen ♥

    Ich stöber auch schon länger bei Kleiderkreisel rum, aber bisher habe ich nichts gekauft. Die Schleife ist echt süß. Da hätte ich wohl auch zugegriffen X3

    Ui! Den Lippenbalsam hätte ich mir auch fast gekauft, aber hab mich dann für die braune Version entschieden. Riecht er wirklich wie Zitronenkuchen?

    Der Almighurt Zitronenkuchen ist momentan der Lieblingsjoghurt meiner Mutter ( ´∀`)