Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Hänsel and Gretel - Witchhunter

Hey guys~

At the moment I'm really lazy and you have to wait such a long time for new entries... I'm really sorry for that ! I will try to make it better from now !!!

Maybe you also heard the rumours about GFC? It looks like they will stop after the 1st July 2013, so we have to find another way to save our beloved followers. (T___T) I was satisfied with GFC, but of course, I don't want to loose my followers and so I choose BLOGLOVIN ! Please click on the wonderful 'eifeltower' on my sidebar, to follow my blog via BLOGLOVIN ~ Thank you ! 
You can still follow me with GFC, but please import your GFC-blogs to your BLOGLOVIN. (^___^)

By the way~ I got 90 followers ! Only 10 followers left for my Giveaway ! (*__*)

As the name of this entry shows~ I went to the cinema !!! <- That's nothing special? But for me, it is ! It was the first time since nearly 3(!) years, my last movie was 'Alice in wonderland' by Tim Burton and this time it was also my first 3D movie. I'm not a huge fan of 3D movies, but it was pretty interesting~ 
We went two days after my birthday and watched 'Hänsel and Gretel - Witchhunter' and I really liked this movie. Did you watched it? Did you like it? 

Of course I made some photos of this day~ I hope you enjoy them (^__^)

Just a simple outfit~ It was pretty cold and snowy outside (>__<)

We had to go by the train

Checking for our way back home (^__^)

We went to the LUXOR Filmpalast~ it's huge inside !

 Huge posters and adorable figures of famous characters 

more and more posters~ 

They also had a wall full of gachapon machines (*__*)

And look at this huge aquarium, isn't it adorable? 

Our movie~ 

And look what we got for our drinks ~ Damn cute, right?

After the movie, we had a little bit time... and I had the time to stalk my friends *he he*

my gets~ *ha ha*

Yay~ home sweet home !!! Oh my god... it was damn cold on this day ! (>____<)

Next time I will show you some photos of my birthday-party, which was on 16th march~ I hope you will like them. 

bye bye

Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

[event] ♡Happy birthday to me~♡

Hey guys~

Maybe you already know it, but the 10th march was my birthday! I got many gifts from my friends and beloved penpals, at the past weeks and even if don't celebrate my birthday on this day, I had a really nice time with my best friend. (^__^) 
I don't have a lot of photos of this day... I only made some of my gifts and food~ *ha ha* But maybe you are interested in them? 

I got this package from my dear friend Rebel and was really surprised as I found the GACKT photobook inside. Wow~ I really adore GACKT and even if I have so many photobooks, this one was missing in my collection. 

I also got a super-cute gift from my friend Daniela. (*Q*) I didn't know that she send something to me and as I got it, I was really surprised ! Kuromi stuff is really cute !

Oh my god ! Kai sent this adorable Mamegoma cup and Hello Kitty strawberry Poki to me... isn't it cute?!

I was really surprised, because Tina didn't said that she would send something to me. I know her for more than a year now and she is one of my dearest penpals. She is very important for me and I love to get her letters. She sent 3 CD's (Nightmare//Merry//Versailles), a cute manga towel, two Mokona figures, a japanese figure and a beautiful selfmade card to me. 

(*___*) Do you know who it is? .... YES!!! It's Die from DIR EN GREY !!! Die-sama is my absolutly favorite guitarist and now I have my personal Chibi-Die! So cute, right? Svenja also sent a very special bracelet to me... maybe you can not see it well, but inside of the transparent capsule, is a little Origami-turtle. (^_^)

My gifts from my best friend, Yase. (O__O) She is really crazy !!! She gave two GACKTGLOBALS magazines to me and the Vol. 2 of Age quod agis from Dir en grey ! I just love this stuff... but it was damn expensive.... (T___T)

This was the first gift~ I got it already at the middle of the last month. Natsumi, a penpal from Japan, sent it to me and I was damn curious about it, but I had to wait for my birthday.. (@__@) She send a lot of cute stuff (sticker, nail-sticker, memo-pad, ...) to me and also a KERA issue ! I really love this magazine, I'm so damn happy about it !!!

This was a little gift from my brother and his girlfriend. A bronzing powder, a necklace and pierces. I never got a gift from him before, so I'm very happy about it. (^__^) 

I got this one from my mother and the wife of my father. Money in a beautiful card and a kitchen scale, which I really needed. My father also gave some money to me, which I will use for my trip to Duesseldorf next month and also for the Hanami Convention, which is not so far ! 

 Ha ha ha~ this was my gift for myself ! I ordered some food from my favorite indian restaurant~ delicious Chicken Korma and my beloved dessert Firni ! It's a kind of childhood for me and I just love indian food, so I really wanted it for my birthday. 

*ho ho ho* Because of a little spring-festival, near to my house, we also bought some sweets. I love such sweets and always need some if there is such a festival here. 
Do you like the gingerbread-heart? 'Sweet devil' is written on it, but it is not for me... *hi hi*

I will do another entry about my birthday after my party on the 16th march. I decided to celebrate it on this day, because my birthday was a sunday and I always have to work on this day, so I was not able to make a party with all friends. (^__^'')
As you see, I got A LOT of gifts this time ... I think I got never so many gifts before. (XD) I also got many many congratulations trough Facebook, Twitter and also on Poupee Girl. 


*ha ha* Can you see what Yase done with this photo of GACKT? 

bye bye

Dienstag, 5. März 2013

[review] Shop review // Sweet Poison Cupcake

Hey guys~

At the past weeks, I ordered some accessoires from different online-shops, I never odered before. I decided to make some reviews about the shops, because some of them are very interesting and maybe for you, too ! 

Let's start with some facts:

First order?: Yes
Payment: Paypal
Shipping time: Arround two weeks
Shipping coast: Arround 13$
Customs?: No

As you see, the shop packed all very safe with a lot of bubble wrap and a huge 'FRAGILE' sticker on the top!

They put a delivery note and a cute little business card into the package. That's very positive for me, because I like to see what I bought on a delivery note.

That's what I've bought. Kreepsville 666 horns, crown pierces and two skull rings which came in a elegant, black box.

I searched a long time for them, but I never found them in black, so I was really glad to find them in this shop. I didn' try them yet, but they look just amazing! 
 I paid 10$ for them, you can find them here >> *click*

I bought them for a friend and they also sell them in a few other colors, like pink, purple, black... The quality is not the best, but for this price, it's okay. 
I paid only 3,95$ for them and you can find them here >> *click*

The black one is mine, the white one is for my friend, but they also sell this ring with red stones. The ring is freesize and the ring is much heavier than I thought. 
I paid only 5$ for this ring and you can find it here >> *click*


It was my first order at this shop, but I'm very satisfied with my order and of course I would buy there again! The shipping is faster than I thought and the prices are totally fair. I can really recommend this shop to you! 

Please also take a look on their Facebook >> *click*

bye bye

Tumblr? Twitter? Facebook?

Hey guys~

Some of you asked me for stuff like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and so on and of course I also have a couple of accounts at social networks:

I think that's all. Feel free to add me, if you want.

bye bye

Freitag, 1. März 2013

☆February gets☆

Hey guys~

At the moment I haven't many things to show, so I hope you don't get lazy by checking my blog. This month is my birthday and also the birthday of two of my siblings, so maybe I will post something about it, but we will see~ 

Let's start with my 'February gets':

 Stardus Wink vol. 8 - one of my absolutly favorite manga and look who is on the cover~ my beloved Hinata!!! (*Q*)

 Girl friends vol. 4  - number 5 will be the last one... (T__T)

 I already have shown you my new Dir en grey stuff. I just love the totebag and the badge-set, but I'm afraid to use the stuff because I could lost it. (>__<'') Now I put all my special stuff from Dir en grey into the bag~

Also got some traiding cards from Shinya and Die~ I love them!

It's the first Ageha issue I ever bought. Usualy I'm not into the styles which are in the magazine, but one reason convinced me .....

GACKT!!!! Only two pages, but I just can't resist to buy this magazine. *hihi*

Ha ha~ GACKT again! Three issues of GACKT's fanclub magazine 'GACKTGLOBALS'. The guy who sold it, sent also some very nice photos of GACKT for free~ (*Q*) I wish to have much more of these magazines!

As a friend searched for a cheap calendar, I found this adorable BUNNY SUICIDES calendar for only 1€! They also had some from Winnie Pooh and Hello Kitty, but I choose this one. Isn't it cute?

Lovely robot stickers! I got them from my best friend as a gift, because they remind us so much of YOU's 'You-robot' (*__*)

Another gift I got from a friend~ Zombie sent this super-cute stuff with her letter and I was so surprised about it. I adore the little stamp-set and the cute stickers from Hello Kitty and the plush-strap!

 (*Q*) My first V-day gift ever!!! A good friend gave this cute little gift to me and I'm so glad about it! I love the watermelon soap! (*__*)

The first thing I bought via 'Kleider Kreisel'! I found this super-cute chocomint bow there and just had to buy it! 

 And of course some cosmetic stuff~ The lipbalm smells like lemon-cake!

Two purple eyeliner~ I need them for a special make-up

As I found it, I just can't resist to buy this eyeshadow! I love the color and the packing looks also very cute

Boring... some new shampoo with sweet raspberry-scent and deodorant... which also smells like lemon-cake! (XD)

Do you know 'Milka Löffel Ei'? I never ate it before and as I said this to a friend, she was really shocked and bought me this one! It's delicious, you really have to try it!

 Vla~ I just love it!

 Milktea with hazelnut flavor~ (*___*)

A friend brought this from 'Real' and it was damn delicious!

(*__*) Yummy yummy yummy~

Just love it~

(*__*) Did I told you that lemon-cake is my favorite? *hihi*

Dear Tiger and Dragon, please stop eating my money! (XD)

That's all~ (XD) As you see,  a lot of unhealthy food found the way to my home... I should start to buy more healthy stuff and do some sport again. *hehe*

bye bye