Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

Unpacking // Dir en grey stuff

Hey guys~

Few weeks ago I found some DIR EN GREY goods for a very good price on Ebay and luckily I got two of them ! The girl who sold them, was really nice and friendly and I was surprised about the very fast shipping. 

She send the stuff with 'Hermes'. I always prefer 'Hermes', because it's much safer than 'DHL'~

As you see, I bought a totebag and a set of badges.

It's from their 'The Manipulated Life' tour and I really adore this special print. By the way~ I own many totebags from japanese musicians and most of them are very thin, but this one is really robust!

The badge set is from 'Macabre' and even it is very old, it's unopened! On the left, you see the badges and on the right, you see the back of the packing.

That's all for the moment~ Do you like the stuff? 

bye bye


  1. Wow, really awesome stuff~ ^-^ love the tote bag!

  2. good x3

    visit my blog ^^

  3. Das Design der Tasche ist große klasse! ^.^

  4. cool stuff! I'm not actually fan of DEG but it looks pretty nice ^^" and remind me that I'm waiting for my package to arrive .__. "

  5. The things you got are very cool!
    I also have several totebags (^^)

    1. Thank you ^^
      I really love totebags from different bands^^