Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

☆It's all about music!☆

Hey guys~

How many times I wanted to show you some music or videos, but they don't fit to the entry I wrote at this time? ...Now I decided to make a own category for such stuff wich calls ☆It's all about music!☆ I will use this label for every random music or videos I want to show you, without a special reason. 
What do you think about it?

Today I will start with SHINee's latest MV wich came out recently and some other MV's wich catches me:


AWESOME!!!! I just fell in love with this song and special Key looks hot as always! Taemin looks also very well, but I think he looks much older with this kind of short hair. What do you think about it? 

TEEN TOP - I wanna love

Not only the MV is very nice, also the song was love at the first sight! I found it on Facebook last weekend and since this time I listen to it without a break! (XD) It's just adorable !!!

CNBLUE - I'm sorry

This is a little bit different from normal Kpop, but as the most of you know, I'm more into rock music, so this is pretty interesting for me. I just love this song and even it's my first contact with CNBLUE, I think about buying their latest Album, because this song is really good!

That's all for the first time. Do you like the MV's? Did you knew all of them before? I hope you guys will have a wonderful day~

bye bye


  1. Ich liebe das neue Lied von SHINee! <3 Hab's auch grade bei Facebook gefunden. Aber du hast recht, Taemin sieht echt älter aus mit den kurzen Haaren. Ich hoffe, sie werden bald wieder länger :D Aber generell finde ich, dass jeder in dem MV gut aussieht (okay, die Klamotten sind wie immer gewöhnungsbedürftig).

    1. Die Kleidung finde ich nicht mal schlimm, außer bei Taemin. Dieses gelbe Zeugs ist echt seltsam. XD

  2. OOOO Thanks for sharing these great MV/songs ^^

    Love Emi

  3. I think an "It's all about Music" category is great. Music is important. If there is a cool video or song that you like you should definitely share it. It's touched you for some reason on a deeper level so maybe you can indirectly affect someone with the music that you share.

    1. It makes me glad that you think so positive about my new category. Music is a very important piece of my life and of course I want to share it with my followers. <3

  4. omo teen top ist ja mal hammer! *___* ~♥