Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Liebster award

Yay~ Usai nominated me for the 'LIEBSTER award' 

I think you all know the rules, but...:

- Post 11 random facts about yourself 
- answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger asked you
- nominate 11 new bloggers (they must have less than 200 follower) an link their blogs in your post
- ask 11 new questions to the bloggers that you nominate
- and: Make sure you tell the bloggers that they've been nominated! ^__^

Let's start with 11 random facts about me:

1 - Most of my DVDs/CDs/manga/books are second hand
2 - I could spend hours with online window-shopping
3 - Watching the last live DVD of Kagerou, makes me still sad and melancholic
4 - I love to write letters and I wish to have more letter-friends
5 - I'm totally addicted to FarmVille2 and Poupee Girl
6 -My english is worst, so I always use translators to edit my entries (XD)
7 - I'm really lazy! I could sleep the whole day, wake up to eat something and sleep again (^__^)
8 - I have a bunch of books CDs and DVDs wich I still not read, listen or watched
9 - I love cooking even more than baking, but I love to eat baked stuff
10 - My last movie at the cinema was 'Alice in wonderland' by Disney and Tim Burton
11 - I love to answer questions from people, but it's hard for me to write random facts about myself

Usai's questions:

1. Are you playing videogames? If so, which is your favourite videogame(-series)?
- I'm not very good at playing them, but sometimes I like it. Of course I like 'Zelda' and also 'Kingdom Hearts' is really nice, but most of the time, I play games like 'Mario Party'.

2. To which place do you want to travel the most?
- Japan! I'm very interested into it. The traditional culture, the people, fashion, music... It would be a dream to see it with my own eyes!

3. Why do you running your blog?
- A very good question~ haha! But I really have no answer. I love to take photos of everything arround me and I thought it's a good idea to make new friends and create something like a diary for myself.

4. Nintendo or Sony? And why?
-  Nintendo! I don't know, but it's a kind of childhood for me. As I was younger, we had a 'Nintendo 64' and it was so much fun to play with my siblings.

5. What's your favourite online shop?
- Hard question! I love so many shops but I think most of my stuff is from ebay! It's not really a shop, but I really love the fact that you can find ANYTHING on ebay!

6. Who is your idol and why?
- I don't know if he is really an idol for me, but I would say it's GACKT. I know that many people hate him, but I adore him. He always reach his goals and all he got is only because he is working so hard for it! I admire him so much for this fact. 

7. Are you superstitious?
- Not really. 

8. Could you live without the internet for a month?
- I lived without the internet for more than 4 month, so... yes! (XD)

9. Do you have a driver license? If not, why?
- No and at the moment I don't want it. I really don't need it so it's to much money for a thing I don't really need.

10. What was your dream job as you was still a child?
- As I was a child, my dream was to become a manga artist. (XD) I'm really bad at drwing so it was totally unrealistic, but it was my big dream!

11. Came your wishes for last year true?
- Some... but not all. 

My questions for tagged people:

1 - Do you like Energy drinks?
2 - What was the last thing you bought online?
3 - Did you saw the Oscar's last night? Do you like watching such shows?
4 - Do you have siblings? How many?
5 - Wich book you read last and what kind of books do you like most?
6 - Did you ever got a present wich was totally worst? What was it?
7 - Do you have any tattoos or piercings, or would you like to have some?
8 - Which is your favorite dessert?
9 - How would you describe your own style?
10 - Is it important for you, to get comments on your blog? If yes/no, why?
11 - Is there any song which have a special meaning for you and which is it?

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Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

Unpacking // Dir en grey stuff

Hey guys~

Few weeks ago I found some DIR EN GREY goods for a very good price on Ebay and luckily I got two of them ! The girl who sold them, was really nice and friendly and I was surprised about the very fast shipping. 

She send the stuff with 'Hermes'. I always prefer 'Hermes', because it's much safer than 'DHL'~

As you see, I bought a totebag and a set of badges.

It's from their 'The Manipulated Life' tour and I really adore this special print. By the way~ I own many totebags from japanese musicians and most of them are very thin, but this one is really robust!

The badge set is from 'Macabre' and even it is very old, it's unopened! On the left, you see the badges and on the right, you see the back of the packing.

That's all for the moment~ Do you like the stuff? 

bye bye

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

☆It's all about music!☆

Hey guys~

How many times I wanted to show you some music or videos, but they don't fit to the entry I wrote at this time? ...Now I decided to make a own category for such stuff wich calls ☆It's all about music!☆ I will use this label for every random music or videos I want to show you, without a special reason. 
What do you think about it?

Today I will start with SHINee's latest MV wich came out recently and some other MV's wich catches me:


AWESOME!!!! I just fell in love with this song and special Key looks hot as always! Taemin looks also very well, but I think he looks much older with this kind of short hair. What do you think about it? 

TEEN TOP - I wanna love

Not only the MV is very nice, also the song was love at the first sight! I found it on Facebook last weekend and since this time I listen to it without a break! (XD) It's just adorable !!!

CNBLUE - I'm sorry

This is a little bit different from normal Kpop, but as the most of you know, I'm more into rock music, so this is pretty interesting for me. I just love this song and even it's my first contact with CNBLUE, I think about buying their latest Album, because this song is really good!

That's all for the first time. Do you like the MV's? Did you knew all of them before? I hope you guys will have a wonderful day~

bye bye

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Happy Valentine's Day ❤

I know, Valentine's day is nearly over, but I want to wish a lovely V-day to all my friends and followers ! 

I'm single, so this day have no special meaning for me, but I really love the Valentine's sale on every shop~❤  Cute pink and red stuff, chocolate, hearts, everything looks cute and lovely!         (づ^.^)づ~♡

I hope all of you spend a wonderful day~

bye bye

Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Let it snow~

Hey guys~

On friday, some friends visited me at my place. We had a lazy evening and ate a lot of unhealthy stuff ! (XD) It was very funny ! 
Later, it started to snow outside. Just like little kids, we took our jackets and went for a little walk in the untouched snow. (*___*) Of course, I took some photos, but my camera totally sucks without flash, so most of them are blurry and really bad ! *ha ha* 

the place infront of my house 

Ha ha~ Yase is killing Alex (XD)

That's all ! As you see~ many photos are in a bad quality, but I think you can see the wonderful snow. I'm not so much into the winter-time because it's damn cold and allways grey outside, but I really love snow ! 

I also made two pictures of me, but I think I'm looking a little strange on them. *ha ha* 
But who cares!?

bye bye

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

DIR EN GREY new photos

Hey guys~
Today I have a special reason to make a blog-entry here: Few days ago, I checked DIR EN GREY's official page and was totally surprised, because they chainged their photos.

I won't  say anything more, just show that very artistic photos to you ! 

What do you think about them? 

bye bye 

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Paperman and Giveaway

Hey guys~ 
Today, just a little update ! 

Few minutes ago, I found the full clip of new Disney's short movie "Paperman". It's really a short movie, but I enjoyed the whole 7 minutes !!! You really have to check this movie~ it's just wonderfull and in the end, I was nearly crying. (;///////////////;)

The second thing is, I'm planning about a Giveaway if I reach 100 Followers ! At the moment, I have 70 Followers. What do you think about this idea? Do you would like a little Giveaway on my blog, or not interested?
Please let me know. 

That's all for the moment. Maybe I will do a entry for my MV-challenge later, but I'm not sure. 

bye bye

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

☆January gets☆

Hey guys (✾◕ ‿ ◕✾)

I know~ I'm a little late with it, but this time I will show you my gets of January ! I decided to collect all photos over the whole month and make an entry about my whole gets of the month. I think blogging only about shopping is very boring, so I try my best to show it only one time in a month! (XD) 

 Let's take a look on my first gets in 2013 !!!

Finally a baking book for MACARON!❤ I will try it for my birthday ! And looks at my new camera~ it's purple... PURPLE !!!

 'Accessorize'-SALE is really really bad! (XD)

Pretty cool stuff from 'six' ~ just love it!

'H&M'-SALE kills me !!!

'H&M' again and a little cute notebook from an asian shop~

Got it for a really good price~ you should read it !

'RINKAKU' wich I showed in a little review >>RINKAKU review<<

Super-cute 'DORAEMON' lense-case !

Damn cute, right?

Found it in our asian supermarket and totally fell in love with it !!! I want to collect all of them~ (❤_____❤)

Yummy~ Hello Kitty is very delicious ! (XD)

Can't resist to buy them~ yummy yummy ! 

FINALLY !!! I searched such a long time for 'e-ma' candy and now I found it! It's damn delicious and I can't live without them !!!

That's all for the moment ! I also bought some little cosmetics and such stuff, but nothing special, so I think it would be not interesting for you. (^__^°) 

What do you think about it? Is it okay to post my shopping-stuff only one time in a month, or would you like to see it each? Please let me know~

bye bye