Montag, 21. Januar 2013

♥ 25 questions tag♥

Hey guys~ today I feel very lazy, so I only want to post a little tag! I found it on SHOU's blog - take a look on her blog, if you're interested in good books. 

Let's start with the '25 questions'-tag~

1. Do you have any pets?
Not anymore... My turtle died last summer, I still miss him very much. (;_____;)
2. 3 things you see at the moment:

My notebook // my camera // Accessorize sticker - I bought yesterday.

3. How is the weather?

  Damn cold and rainy!!! It's really bad weather, at the moment!

4. Do you have a driving-license?  

No~ I don't want one. (^__^")

5. When you woke up, today?
Uh~ I think it was arround 10.

6. Last shower?
Today. (XD)

7. Last movie?
"Bulletproof Monk" - yesterday night on VOX.

8. Your latest text-messege?
"FINALLY it's done!!! Monday I will send your package! Sorry for being so late. Have a nice day." <- from my good friends Shinya and Yoshiki.

9. Wich ringtone, do you have?
>Deeper than fade< by lc5~ my last one was >Wedding Dress< by Tae Yang.
10. Didi you ever been to a foreign country?

Yes~ as I was in class no. 4, I went to London with my class and I also visited my fathers country two times.

11. Love sushi? 
(*Q*) <- love it so much.

12.Your favorite supermarket?
Uhm~ that's difficult but I think 'Kaufland' is still the best.

13. Did you ever take some sleeping tablets?

Yes, sometimes I can't sleep without... (;_______;)

14. How many siblings? 
 Too much~ (XD)

15. Computer or notebook? 
Love my Samsung notebook!

16. Wich age you will reach on your next birthday?
....hate my age!!!!
17. Glasses or lenses?
I need some glasses. (>_____<) 

18. Dying your hair? 
Ha ha ha!!! Every year I chainge my haircolor few times. I love it and always thinking about a new color~

19. Any plans for today?
Poupee Girl // Blogging // staying at home and just being lazy. (XD)

20. When did you cried the last time?
Last night...

21. Best pizza covering?
Cheese... a lot of cheese!!!!22. Hamburger or Cheeseburger?   

Uhm~ Chickenburger?

23.  Did you had an allnighter?
What? (o_o?)

24. Eyecolor?
Dark brown~

25. Can you Cola and Pepsi tell apart from each other?
Yes, sir!

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And I'll tag only 3 people, I hope it's okay~


  1. I'm curious who'll be tagged. 〈(゜。゜)

  2. I hab den Tag mal auf mein LJ genommen:

    1. Ah toll. ^^
      Kam mein Brief eigentlich an?

  3. So nu werd ich mich auch mal endlich an den Tag setzen. Danke dir fürs Taggen :)


  5. Ich vermisse meine verstorbenen Haustiere auch noch immer sehr ;__;

    Was wird deine nächste Haarfarbe? Hast du da schon einen Plan oder bist du momentan zufrieden?

    1. Danke für dein Comment. ^^

      Ja, ich finds imer total schade, wenn Haustiere sterben. Für mich gehören sie immer zur Familie und das tut natürlich weh wenn sie dann sterben. ;____;

      Eine gute Frage... Aber zufrieden bin ich nicht. XD

  6. oh no RIP your turtle :(

    visit my blog ^^