Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

[review] ❤ Dir en grey - Rinkaku ❤

I know, I'm very late with it, but I was not able to do this entry before! (v__v°)

This time I want to show you my 'new' single from one of my most favorite bands "DIR EN GREY". I had to wait more than a month for my package, so I was a little bit afraid that it's maybe lost, or something. (>___<°) But as you see~ my package arrived me and I'm very glad about it!

Let's start with the little review!


- I've pre-ordered it from CD JAPAN  !
- Price was arround 50€ incl. customs payments !
-  I had to pre-order this version but the release date was 18th december. I had to wait arround a month !

I ordered the limited pre-order version, so I also got a DVD with my CD:

[Limited Order-Only Deluxe Version] 2 DISCS (CD+DVD)


02. Kiri To Mayu
03. RINKAKU (Eternal Slumber Mix) [Remixed by Akira Yamaoka] 


TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Ratio ducat, non fortuna

01. AMON
04. Ruten No Tou
05. Akatsuki
06. Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami
08. mazohyst of decadence
09. Tsumi To Batsu
10. "Yokusou Ni DREAMBOX" Aruiwa Seijuku No Rinen To Tsumetai Ame

13. RINKAKU (Scenes From Recording)

Let's start with some unpacking photos~❤

The package was huge because of the posters !

  Box&poster with/without packing~

 This is the poster. Kyo draw this picture by himself, but unfortunately it's not the whole drawing...

 Unfortunately you can not the the golden letters on the box~ thanks to my bad camera! (T__T)

 Still not the whole drawing, but I'm really into this art. (*__*)

 Inside: two discs, booklet, sticker and postcard !

Of course, I also made some photos from the booklet~ Let's start with Kyo:





Aren't the photos awesome? Shinya looks very beautiful here and I really like the whole photos ! I just love the booklet and the whole packing. I'm really glad to own this version of 'Rinkaku' !

bye bye  ❤

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

☆30 Day Music Video Challenge☆ [3/30]

[Day 3] A MV you like that just came out recently!

This time it was a bit difficult for me, because I'm not really 'up to date'! (XD) I searched on many websites for new MV's but I found nothing wich was my taste. (T___T) 
BUT... yesterday, a friend used my notebook to check some news and also watched the new MV 'Ahead of the light' by Miyavi and it was love at the first sight! (*Q*)

I have to be honest, when I start to listen japanese music, I hated him! (XD) I thought he is really arrogant and I don't liked his music. But arround 2008, it chainged a bit and 2009 I went to a concert with my friend Chibi, to join one of his lives. What should I say.... It was FUCK'N AWESOME!!!! I can't describe, because it was totally different from other concerts ~ absolutly unique!

Miyavi with his beloved girls~

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

☆30 Day Music Video Challenge☆ [2/30]

[Day 2] The first MV you watched of your favorite Band/Singer!


You see, I choose two MV's this time. Dir en grey and GACKT are my absolutly favorites so I can not decide wich one is the "one and only no. 1". (≧◡≦)

My first MV by Dir en grey was 'Filth'. I watched this MV few years after I start to listen their music. At this time, I had no computer at my home and it was pretty hard to get some music from japanese bands. I got some songs from my friends but it took some years till I watched my first MV from them. (^__^°)  'Filth' isn't one of my favorites from Dir en grey, but it's still a good song~♫

My first MV by GACKT was 'Vanilla'. (XD) I'm honest, I don't like the MV and I also don't like the song. I don't understand the hype wich is still arround this song... (=___=) The first time I enjoyed "Vanilla" was on the Yellow fried chickenz concert @ cologne 2011, where they played a new version of the song. This version was pretty cool~ 

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

♥ 25 questions tag♥

Hey guys~ today I feel very lazy, so I only want to post a little tag! I found it on SHOU's blog - take a look on her blog, if you're interested in good books. 

Let's start with the '25 questions'-tag~

1. Do you have any pets?
Not anymore... My turtle died last summer, I still miss him very much. (;_____;)
2. 3 things you see at the moment:

My notebook // my camera // Accessorize sticker - I bought yesterday.

3. How is the weather?

  Damn cold and rainy!!! It's really bad weather, at the moment!

4. Do you have a driving-license?  

No~ I don't want one. (^__^")

5. When you woke up, today?
Uh~ I think it was arround 10.

6. Last shower?
Today. (XD)

7. Last movie?
"Bulletproof Monk" - yesterday night on VOX.

8. Your latest text-messege?
"FINALLY it's done!!! Monday I will send your package! Sorry for being so late. Have a nice day." <- from my good friends Shinya and Yoshiki.

9. Wich ringtone, do you have?
>Deeper than fade< by lc5~ my last one was >Wedding Dress< by Tae Yang.
10. Didi you ever been to a foreign country?

Yes~ as I was in class no. 4, I went to London with my class and I also visited my fathers country two times.

11. Love sushi? 
(*Q*) <- love it so much.

12.Your favorite supermarket?
Uhm~ that's difficult but I think 'Kaufland' is still the best.

13. Did you ever take some sleeping tablets?

Yes, sometimes I can't sleep without... (;_______;)

14. How many siblings? 
 Too much~ (XD)

15. Computer or notebook? 
Love my Samsung notebook!

16. Wich age you will reach on your next birthday?
....hate my age!!!!
17. Glasses or lenses?
I need some glasses. (>_____<) 

18. Dying your hair? 
Ha ha ha!!! Every year I chainge my haircolor few times. I love it and always thinking about a new color~

19. Any plans for today?
Poupee Girl // Blogging // staying at home and just being lazy. (XD)

20. When did you cried the last time?
Last night...

21. Best pizza covering?
Cheese... a lot of cheese!!!!22. Hamburger or Cheeseburger?   

Uhm~ Chickenburger?

23.  Did you had an allnighter?
What? (o_o?)

24. Eyecolor?
Dark brown~

25. Can you Cola and Pepsi tell apart from each other?
Yes, sir!

 Tell your follower, who tagged you
Answer the questions
Tag 6 other blogger
Tell them that they got tagged

And I'll tag only 3 people, I hope it's okay~

Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

☆30 Day Music Video Challenge☆ [1/30]

Today I start with the '30 Day Music Video Challenge' and the first part is:

[Day 1] Your favorite debut MV of a boy band or girl band !

'Oh Yeah' it's the debut MV from my absolutly favorite Kpop group, MBLAQ! As I watched it the first time, I fell in love with them and I'm still A+! (。◕‿◕。)
My Bias is G.O. but I also like Cheondung very much!

G.O. -> Oh yes~ I loved his mustache! (≧◡≦)

Cheondung -> Isn't he cute? (*Q*)

Do you know this MV? Do you like it?

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

☆30 Day Music Video Challenge☆

Hey guys~ This year I want to start some new projects for my blog and so I remembered the '30 Day Music Video Challenge' by Angi. First, I saw it last summer and thought it's a really interesting project, but I did'nt start it, yet. Finally I will start this challenge and try to post one video every week~

Want to know more about this challenge? Please check Angi's entry about it: >> here << !

[Day 1] Your favorite debut MV of a boy band or girl band.
[Day 2] The first MV you watched of your favorite Band/Singer.
[Day 3] A MV you like that just came out recently.
[Day 4] The funniest MV you know.
[Day 5] The most artistic MV you know.
[Day 6] The MV that fits the lyrics the most.
[Day 7] The MV with the best rap scene.
[Day 8] The saddest MV you know.
[Day 9] The MV with the best dance or dance move.
[Day 10] The best last MV of a band that disbanded.
[Day 11] The best colorful MV.
[Day 12] The best MV in black & white .
[Day 13] The MV with the best story.
[Day 14] The best MV with the theme high school.
[Day 15] The best MV with the theme disco/party.
[Day 16] The best MV with the theme revenge.
[Day 17] A MV that makes you happy.
[Day 18] The MV with the best action scenes.
[Day 19] The most creativ MV.
[Day 20] The most intensive MV.
[Day 21] The most weird MV.
[Day 22] The most heart breaking MV.
[Day 23] The hottest MV.
[Day 24] The best MV used as an advertising.
[Day 25] A MV that remindes you of summer.
[Day 26] The best MV with backstage footage.
[Day 27] The best MV contaning scenes of a movie.
[Day 28] The MV with the best kissing Scene.
[Day 29] The MV with the best dying scene.
[Day 30] Your all time favorite MV.

Montag, 7. Januar 2013

First tag in 2013 !

Die niedliche Minyoung (Seht euch mal ihren Blog an, sie macht echt tolle Reviews) hat mich gleich zu Anfang des Jahres getaggt und weil ich Angst hab, dass ich es sonst vergesse, werde ich mich der Aufgabe auch gleich mal stellen! (*__*)

Hier >> click << könnt ihr übrigens alles über den Tag lesen. 

~13 things for 2013~

13 CDs kaufen - Ich weiß noch nicht mal welche, es gibt so unendlich viele Alben die ich gern hätte !

12 Bücher die ich lesen/wieder lesen will - 11/3 - Tagebuch nach Fukushima // Dornröschenschlaf // Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter // Grrrimm // Herr Nakano und die Frauen // Der Fürst der Finsternis // Middlesex // Doughter of Smoke and Bone // Nach dem Beben // The Tokyo Diary // Afterdark // Schlaf ! 

11 Reviews für meinen Blog schreiben - Kosmetik // Shops // CDs // DVDs ... !

10 Mangabände von meiner Wunschliste kaufen - Kimi ni todoke // Stardust Wink // Blood lad // Wonderful Wonder World // Sailor Moon // Sailor V // Wir beide // Hidden Flower // Gokinjo Monogatari // NANA !

9 Filme die ich sehen/ wieder sehen will - Moon Child // Bunraku // Haru's Reise // Der Hobbit // Der rote Punkt // Harry Potter 7.2 // Kick ass // Dark Shadows // Flcuh der Karibik 4 !

8 Friendshipbooks basteln und auf die Reise senden - So richtig hübsche HQ Friendshipbooks !

7 Dienge kaufen die ich mir schon lange wünsche - Kigurumi // BBcream von Etude House // Oyasumi Bakura Plüschie // Still Alive TOP vers. // Langhaar Perücke // neue Kamera // Macaron Form !

6 selbstgemachte Dinge verschenken - Handspiegel // Box // Handyanhänger // Schmuck // Süßigkeiten // Handycase !

5 schöne Orte besuchen - Schloss Heidelberg // Schloss Schwetzingen // Luisenpark // Museum // ??? !

4 DVDs kaufen - Dir en grey // GACKT // MBLAQ // Yellow fried chickenz !

3 Conventions besuchen - Hanami // CosDay² // Connichi !

2 mal nach Düsseldorf fahren - Zuletzt war ich 2011 dort und davor 2008(>___<) !

1 mal meine Haare in einer krassen Farbe färben - Welche weiß ich noch nicht, aber ich hätte gern wieder etwas 'unnatürliches' !

Das waren auch schon meine 13 Dinge für 2013! Mal sehen ob ich alles so einhalten kann, oder ob ich am Ende des Jahres voller Scham auf diesen Post gucken muss. *haha*

Jetzt muss ich ja auch noch ein paar Leute taggen:

Ich hoffe ihr hab viel Spaß mit dem Tag~

bye bye

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

♫merry MONSTER christmas♫

some beautiful christmas cards I got from friends~

Hey guys~ did you all had a wonderful christmas-time and a good start with 2013??? This time I will wirte only in english, because this post will be full of photos from my presents and I don't want to write all names twice. I hope you can handle my really bad english... Ha ha~ (XD)

My christmas was pretty cool, this year! On 14th december, the family of my best friend and roommate came to us and we spend a nice evening together. On 25th december, I had a day to relax~ it was wonderful! I ate unhealthy things, watched the 7th Harry Potter movie on TV and just beeing lazy. (*_*)
On 26th, me and my best friend visited my family. We had so much fun with my little siblings and the meal was the best I ever had! (*Q*) And on the 29th december, I had a little christmas-party with my best friends and it was just awesome!!! We had so much fun together and I got so many cute presents from them... (T////T)

For me, it was the best christmas ever! Normaly, I don't celebrate christmas so much. It's always a bit boring. But this time I had a lot of fun and such nice days with my family and friends. Thank you so much~

Now I will show my presents to you, I hope you like it~

(fail photo >__<) This is what I got from my family: A black scarf, a black knitted hat, manga, sticker, lipgloss from Hello Kitty and also some money. (^__^)

These are the presents from the family of my best friend, Yasemin: A little pig - for saving money for a trip to Japan (XD), bubblebath bar from LUSH wich smells like super-sweet bubblegum, LED snowman wich chainges his color, H&M card for a little bit shopping and also some candy for me and Yasemin.(*Q*)

Here you see my presents from my best friend Yasemin.. OMG! She gave so much stuff to me!!! A little plush fox - his name is Maru, a make-up bag wich reminds me of Rilakkuma, a book by one of my favorite writers Banana Yoshimoto, 3/11 - diary after fukushima, some sheats of Rilakkuma sticker and a Rilakkuma rubber and notebook, a book with Kimono designs and a CD with some Visual Kei cover songs all sung by Insargi(Vocal of Megamasso)! (*/////*)

(fail photo again -__-'') My presents from Franzi: A brown bag, a super cute red bat... I really need a good name for him..., two cute books about Pucca, and a lot of accessoiry with stars. I really love stars and now I have so many things with stars on it. So cool~

(*Q*) OMG!!!! I always wanted this DVD-box soooooo badly and now it's finally mine!!!!! These are my presents from Alex. He gave this super-cute hamster, mushroom and animal sticker to me and also the Super Natural anime DVD-box! Wow... I was really shocked and so damn happy about it!!!

Look what I've got from Ramona. A super-cute Sentimental Circus bag!!! I can't wait to use this wonderful bag! I also got a keychain from my beloved Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, two adorable necklaces rom Hello Kitty, a neclace wich I need for a Cosplay, sticker from Sentimental Circus and a super-cute diary with Chopper from one Piece! (*__*)

And also some little stuff from my beloved penpals: Svenja send this a Dir en grey single to me, because we both love this band. I'm really thankful! Julie send a lipgloss to me, that's really cute because we only wrote 2 or 3 letters yet, but she is very cute. And also Natsumi-chan sent a present to me~ A Little twin stars notebook, cute stickers and notes from Sentimental Circus. Isn't that cute?

This time, so many friends thought of me and send me a card, a present or a letter, that's really cute. I love every present and I'm proud to have such good friends, who knows me so good. 
I'm not a person who need a lot of presents, because I know how it is to have not enough money and it's more importent to be together, but it's really nice to get such adorable stuff~ THANK YOU!!!

I know, my christmas post is a little late, but I had no time before. I hope you enjoyed it and I wish to you a (also very late) happy new year!!!